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Friday, October 31, 2008

FireHeart - Weapons List (Update Oct 2008)

Excalibur or Evangelis or Sword of Justice

Kraal'shazar or Deathblade

Up: Maraj'vriad double daggers. Down: Ultimatum double daggers (one with cursed bloodstain on its tip)

Im'Colath (White Thunder), Im'htaloc (Black Lightning)
Joined (not complete) into Colathaloc Glaive

Up: Viper Cane, Down: Chrono Chakram (a revision from Carrion Chakram)

FireHeart Saga Project

Magical / Godly / Special Weapons List

Update: October 25, 2008

Adair’s Arsenal:

  1. Kraal’shazar: Greatsword with a devil carved on its hilt
  2. Ultimatum: Twin daggers, one of them with a cursed bloodstain
  3. Crow Scythe: Death’s scythe, used to rip souls from the dead
  4. Chrono Chakram: Imbued supernatural powers to control time
  5. Terra Nakroß: Great hammer that can cause earthquakes
  6. Colathaloc: Twin swords combined into glaive/sword (wind)
  7. Carrion Lance: A lance that can function as a drill (dark)
  8. Viper Cane: A magical stick that triggers dark magic and poison (Omegron)
  9. Glaive of Chaos: With powers to disrupt balanced power/aura
  10. Grimlock: Broadsaber with eternal fire property, tends to control its user
  11. Armor of Thorns: Extra power by draining stamina.
  12. (Unknown)

Vadis’ Arsenal:

  1. Sword of Justice: Excalibur, said to hold Vadis’ divine holy powers
  2. Armor of Righteousness: Eternium armor with in-built protection aura
  3. Helmet of Truth: Helmet that can enhance vision and immune to mind magic
  4. Boots of Diligence: Wearer of heavy armor can still move fast and agile
  5. Shield of Faith: Extra protection against elemental magic
  6. Pendant of Preservation: Able to heal self and others without training
  7. Bracelet of Courage: Gives more courage, wisdom and morale
  8. Ring of Compassion: Able to cast mass protection without training

Godly/Divine or A-Class Weapons:

  1. Il Khatl J’nadh: Great axe imbued with earth energy from Barudan
  2. Ougl’ludlum: Mid-size hammer, known as the “Cave Digger”
  3. Tome of Time and Tide: Source of time & space magic + complex spells
  4. Yggdrasil’s Bow: Bow that enhances precision of user + nature power
  5. Frei Val’shka’s Frozen Doom: Magic ice staff of absolute zero freeze power
  6. Schainova, Star Sword: Holy great sword, wield by Archangels (Hazmat)
  7. Masamune: Katana, said to hold cosmic powers (made from a meteor)
  8. Muramasa: Katana, the dark version of Masamune plus Orochi’s spirit
  9. Albatross: Fencing sword, water property, direct link to Leviathan Petra

Magical/Elemental or B-Class Weapons:

In FireHeart – Legend of the Paladins:

  1. Gloria Vadis: Healing staff, channels healing powers of priest/cleric
  2. Esthagar: Eye of the Storm, trident that generates lightning (and fire) energy
  3. Dancing Scimitars: Twin swords that can fly, generated with user’s mind
  4. Maraj’vriad: Double daggers, elven-made with in-built wind properties

High/Superior Quality or C-Class Weapons:

In FireHeart – Legend of the Paladins:

  1. Wyrthal: Sage Fireheart’s first sword, also Antoine’s and Cristophe’s
  2. Wysteria Bow: Elf-made, durable, easily enchant-able, greater precision
  3. Emmerich’s Kiliji: Curved sword, a cross between katana and scimitar
  4. Ulcergash: Adler’s Flamberge (great sword), the Chimera-killer

D-Class is Good/Fair Quality and E-Class is Rough/Poor Quality Weapons

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