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Friday, December 09, 2011 Boulder Trouble - Part One

Robert’s right. Christopher is not with them.

‘What must we do now?’ says Carolyn. ‘Wait for him here, go back or leave him and go on?’

‘I know what you’re thinking,’ says Robert. ‘You want to go back find him and direct him here, but look, there are two tunnels at the entrance and assuming from the wind that is sucked by those fans, we can’t fly into those tunnels again! If we wait here, well, the heir won’t wait for us. So we must press on and trust Chris! I believe he will catch up with us sooner or later, with that sorceress Genilda’s directions.’

‘What I can’t believe is that “romantic hero” Hernan!’ says Iris. ‘He kept wooing Carol and persuaded her to go with him and be his partner. Shame on him, people said he’s married you know!’

‘Wait, didn’t he suppose to woo you too, Iris?’ says Carolyn slyly. ‘You tried to attract him, and all he said was, “Maybe twenty years later you can be my partner, little girl.” Hahaha! An eighty-year old little elf girl!’

Iris snarls, ‘Ah, you shut up! He’s way too old for us anyway! Oops, old-looking, actually.’

Andreas shakes his head and tries to hide his giggle. Robert on the other hand comes between them and says, ‘Enough, you two. We must observe what lies ahead. Iris, help me translate the runes again. Please!’

Iris walks towards the epitaph, and there are already two elf guides near it, trying to decipher the runes carved on the epitaph and the meaning of the riddle written on it. Iris also does the same.

Sun Mother treasures diligence,

A true quality lies deep within,

Never cease and never tire,

Work together to gain a win.

‘Hmm, like before, this is not a riddle,’ says Andreas, ‘But a clue. As I see it, it means a hard work is just ahead and only by working together we can finish it.’

‘But are we supposed to work with those dark hunters?’ says Iris. ‘I mean, those Adair’s chosen lot will try to prevent us! No way they’re gonna work with us!’

‘Or us with them,’ says Carolyn. ‘Kyflynn and Genilda’s cooperation and support might open their eyes a bit, but if hard labor is involved…’

‘All we can do now is going there and find out,’ says Robert calmly.

‘Come what may,’ comments Carolyn.

Robert’s party then walks into the next room and finds that their worries are all too true. It’s a room all made of stone, a lot larger than the wind tunnel chambers with large pillars of stone standing in uneven positions. The way to the next room is shut with a gigantic and extremely heavy stone door, which can only opened magically and manually (if you are strong or magical enough to do both).

They see Kyflynn’s party and Hernan are fighting against two gigantic earth elementals, or you can say, rock golems*). In addition, the dark hunters who are also fighting the earth elementals see this as the chance to eliminate the ‘light side’ and attack them too. So it becomes a chaotic three-way fight. The dark side chosen hunters was winning at first, but as the champions of the light side arrive at the spot, the tide turned in favor of Vadis’ hunters, with a considerable number of casualties on both sides. There are even an ogre**) and a cyclops***) among the dark side hunters.

Footnote :

(* Golem: A magical-mechanical monster built from solid elements like wood, stone, iron, several kinds of metal, and sometimes from non-solid elements like wind, water, fire and lightning and is made alive by filling it with a spirit or a special magical energy. The red core that functions as the golem’s eye, brain and heart is made from Golemium, a metal-crystal substance that can contain magical energy. Golemium can regenerate itself after being cracked or punctured, but it must be filled with magic or spirit to function again.

(** Ogre: Demi-humans smaller than true giants, but are more agile and more savage than giants.

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