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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Redwall - The Movie - Part 3 and 4

Part 3
Here is part 3 of the movie, where after whacking one of Cluny's men with a tree branch, Matthias surprisingly befriends Basil Stag Hare.

After a little "humorous" introduction to each other, and after Matthias tells Basil that the vole family has been captured and he plans to get the tapestry of Martin, Basil agrees to help Matthias against Cluny.

Little do they know that after leaving the unconscious rat behind, he regains consciousness and bites himself free. Suddenly, Asmodeus, a venomous snake, eats the up rat, and at Redwall, a diversion is suddenly made, as an attempt to get in the Abbey wall!

Matthias and Basil return to find the unconscious rat missing, but Matthias doesn't hear Basil properly about Asmodeus, and mispronounces it by 'Smodeus'.

Later, Basil is immediately accepted into the Abbey, and Cluny is rather unimpressed and surprised that his hostages have been freed! Angered, he tries to walk a plank to get to the wall, but Constance and Matthias tip it over, sending Cluny to the ground.

At first, Matthias thinks he's dead, but once he awakens, he realizes that he was only unconscious for a few minutes.

So, Cluny is still alive, with an injured leg.

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Part 4

With Cluny trying to recover, mysterious writing is discovered from where the tapestry stood, Cornflower and Methusula realize that the words, "I AM THAT IS", is suddenly changed to "I MATTHIAS"! With the help of Mr. Foremole, Martin's tomb is also discovered. Trapped inside the tomb until help arrives, the three find Martin's belt and shield, and Methusula declares that Matthias is Redwall's next defender, although Matthias disagrees.

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