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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Redwall - The Movie - Part 1 and 2

Part 1
Introduced in 1999, and later on PBS for television, based on the book by Brian Jaques, I am pleased to introduce to you...

The Redwall Movie!

The story starts as John Churchmouse introduces the story of young orphan mouse Matthias, as his town is attacked, and his family is killed by a villianous rat, named Cluny the Scourge!

Matthias and his sister travel many days and seasons trying to reach the abbey, but upon their arrival, Matthias' sister, Myrtle, sick and exhausted, dies.

Now on his own, Matthias experiences abbey life, while those around him protect and befriend him, such as Cornflower, Methusula and Abbott Mortimer.

Then, one night, while running down a hall with a tapestry of Martin the Warrior, because he had outgrown his habit, Matthias trips on it, dropping a basket of nuts.

At least more than half a dozen are spilled out.

As Matthias picks them up, he looks at Martin, and though as a joke, he asks if he was never clumsy.

Seconds later, Martin says Matthias' name!

Before anything else happens, Abbott Mortimer comes to Matthias, and Matthias tries to tell him that Martin spoke to him.

Wondering what to do with him, Matthias, tells Abbott Mortimer that he wants to be like Martin... a great warrior!

Abbott then tells Matthias about how Martin gave up fighting, after reaching Redwall.

(You can see that sort of adventure in Martin The Warrior)

After telling Matthias to stop dreaming and resume work, Abbott Mortimer also makes sure that he reminds Matthias for a habit that fits.

Matthias returns to work, for Abbott Mortimer's jubeliee feast, but as Matthias leaves, the Abbott looks at the tapestry, and notices something on the right side... Cluny the Scourge, who is already making his way to Redwall!

An hour later, the Redwallers have their feast.

Afterward, Abbott Mortimer sends Matthias, Constance and Cornflower on a special job.

As the three finish their task, while walking in the woods, and just as they make their way back, they hear the thunder of a horse.

Luckily not to be seen, Cornflower and Constance see the rats on the cart, and Matthias recognizes them!

After getting back, Constance tells everyone else what they had seen.

Knowing he's seen them before, Matthias decides that everyone should fight the rats, but before anything could be considered, they hear pounding on the door, and Matthias immeadiately fears who it is!

On a pillar above the abbey door, the look down to see the rats, and at first refused to go in, the rats are then brought into the abbey by Abbott Mortimer.

Once inside, Cluny unveils his hood, demands the abbey to him, and orders Dark Claw to read the articles of surrender.

Dark Claw finishes reading the first three rules, and is just reading the 4th, when Matthias shouts "I AM THAT IS!!", and tears the rules in half, with his staff!

Cluny then notices the tapestry of Martin, and before he can do anything else, he's ordered by Constance to leave the abbey, and says he will have is revenge!

Part 2
This is part 2 of the Redwall movie, whereafter Cluny is ordered out of the Abbey, he orders Shadow to get the tapestry of Martin the warrior.

In front of the tapestry, though, Matthias is talking to Martin, not only realizing what he did to Cluny, even though he hates him for what he's done, but Matthias also asks Martin why he spoke to him, and sadly adds that he's no-one and has nothing.

As Cornflower approaches Matthias, she sympathizes Matthias' feelings and realizes that Matthias has Compassion and a noble heart.

As Matthias notices Cluny on the tapestry, wondering what it's supposed to mean, Cornflower tells him not to fear Cluny, because he saw Matthias' courage and was scared Not only of Matthias himself, but of his spirit, too.

Outside, once Shadow makes it to the roof, Matthias and cornflower leave, and Matthias goes to find Methusula.

No sooner do they leave, the torches are suddenly doused by Shadow, and he begins to cut off the tapestry with Martin on it!

Matthias has just stepped into a hallway with stairs, then after hearing Martin's voice, he realizes that Shadow is stealing the tapestry!

Matthias races after Shadow in order to take it back!

Unable to retrieve it, Matthias loses the tapestry to Shadow and Cluny, who later at night has nightmares about Martin/Matthias attacking and killing him.

By morning, as Cornflower is bandaging Matthias' head, Methusula tells them about Martin's sword, and Matthias thinks that if only it could be found, then there would be a real fighting chance against Cluny.

After finding out about the words, "I Am That Is", which was above Martin's head in the tapestry, in attempt to find out about the secret code, Matthias says that it was what Martin said to him.

Before anything else can be said, Constance walks in with 3-month old Colin, and says that Cluny has the Vole family.

As Constance and Methusula leave, Cornflower gives Matthias her kitchen knife, and though Matthias gently refuses to take it, at first, he then accepts it, and Cornflower promises not to tell Matthias where he's gone.

At Cluny's camp, he orders the vole family locked up in the old church, then he orders his troops high aloft, and the plank in position, to strike on the Abbey, hoping to see how well, they'll fight!

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