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Sunday, May 05, 2013 To Free Freidle - Part Two

(Part Two)
An Orc Horde of Gremion
            This is all too easy, Adler thinks. I know that Freidle is burnt down and the enemy is vulnerable, and the Dark Forces won’t hand the city over without a fight, no matter how decimated their numbers are. They must’ve placed troops inside, so we Borgians must guide them!
            With that thought, he turns back and shouts, ‘Fellow Borgians! I know you are fatigued and injured from the many battles you fought, but please, lend me your strength one more time. Our comrades are being led into a trap, and we must guide them to avoid it, because we know Freidle the best.
            I’m sorry for being absent when Borgia was taken, and now I shall pay for it in full! So, ARE YOU WITH ME?’
            ‘YEA! FOR BORGIA! FOR FREIDLE!’ All Borgian troops shout thunderously, raising their weapons, banging their shields and sorts. They’re one step away from reuniting with their families, and nothing can come between them now.
            With Deathblade in hand, Adler rides his horse, galloping in full speed into the chaos. All people there are engaged in fierce combat. The friendly ones push themselves away from their enemies to give way to Adler’s squad and let the Viscount clean the enemies off his path.
            CRASH! CRASH! The black greatsword swipes through the enemies like raping a wheat field with a sickle.
            A huge and grotesque abomy is in Adler’s way, and FWOOSH! It blows poisonous gas towards him. The knowledgeable Paladin kicks his horse’s belly so it sways to the right, avoiding the poison cloud altogether.
            And then, CRASH-CRASH-CRASH-CRASH-CRASH! He slashes five times in a half-breath with Fingers of the Blade, splitting the abomy into five parts. SPLUSSSH! The rotten meat and poisonous belly in it spill everywhere!
            Soon, Adler arrives in front of his troops. He pushes his way into the burnt-down city gate, and is astonished to see what’s inside. What the hive...
            The whole area is filled with sticky, great cobwebs, and a few hundred troops are trapped on it like flies. It’s like a city of spiders.
            ‘WHOA!!’ Adler tries to stop his horse by pulling its bridle real hard, but the horse’s legs are already in the sticky cobweb. Adler slashes downwards several times and severs the cobwebs on his horse’s feet. Soon, sensing that somebody broke their ‘home’, a swarm of giant spiders looms towards him. The trapped soldiers become lunch fro the eight-legged freaks. So this is the trap... Darn it!
            Adler splits a giant spider with Pouncing Tiger Slash. Another group comes, and he unleashes a combo of slashes, Tusks of Myriad Elephants and eliminates all enemies.
            Yet, more and more spiders come.
            Damn! This is more than I can handle!
            Adler quickly turns his horse around, leaps over the cobwebs and gallops to the gate, where the troops are still fighting outside the city. And then, a single person comes running into the city towards him. It’s Agustina Vyrakova, the Ice Sorceress.
            Shocked, Adler shouts, ‘MOVE BACK, TINA! IT’S A TRAP!’
             Without responding, the icy-white-haired Paladin wearing all-white robe just runs on, her Frost Wand glowing. Realizing that, Adler quickly moves aside. Tina points her wand and shouts, ‘An Jokul’me Fyasch!’
            The Blizzard blows, freezing everything in his path: giant spiders, cobwebs, anything, even the unfortunate soldiers – they were done for, anyway.
            So, Kyflynn’s voice is heard, ‘NOW, TROOPS! ATTACK!!!’
            This proceeding makes Adler think. Now, that explains why only Tina and I are in the city. Kyflynn must’ve scouted ahead, saw this trap and warned Dar’gum and the other generals. He then went to the back, picked Tina up and brought her here. He has made such quick decisions in split seconds. Such a deed worthy of a Paladin from a foul-mouthed assassin!
            And I just made a fool of myself by charging alone into the city...
            He pours out all his shame and anger by splitting another giant spider in halves with another Pouncing Tiger Slash jump slash.
            The living battering ram, Barudan breaks through the wall already brittle from the fire, and it seems having a good time, trampling over frozen giant spiders like people stepping on bugs. The behemoth charges further in, until a force stops it.
            On top of it, Dar’gum looks puzzled, ‘Why stopping, Barudan?’
            Comes a voice to answer, but it isn’t Barudan’s, ‘Because I made him stop.’
            ‘Who the hell are you?’ The orc yells.
            The speaker comes in sight: a knight in all-black armor. He walks on his two human feet, and the four spider legs on his back are flailing menacingly. His helmet looks like a bat, with an obvious pair of bat wings on its side. On his hand, the notorious Carrion Lance emits dark aura, ready to devour another victim*). He points it at the behemoth.

(* Carrion Lance: Of the twelve Adair’s Arsenal, it has a power of vampirism: sucking the blood dry from any victim it penetrates if it stays long enough. Look at the chapter ‘Fight Another Day’ for an obvious example of it. 

Barudan still doesn’t budge. Truly, the lance (and its wielder) is immensely powerful. Still, driven by his aggressive nature, Dar’gum leaps from the gigantic monster’s back and drives his great axe, Il Khatl J’nadh to split his opponent in two. ‘GHR’OAK! Eat this, you gorged gut!’
            The supposedly unblockable earth-reinforced skill, the Landsplitter Quake is blocked! The axe stops in its path, resting on the tip of the lance. Dar’gum can’t believe his eyes, but his wisdom leads him to accept the fact that a concentrated power and precision can neutralize brute power.
             A single jerk from Nöac pushes the axe back. The Black Prince shifts his lance a bit and it drills towards a new target: Dar’gum’s heart!
            ‘Orcs. Always so predictable,’ says Nöac mockingly.
            This time, the lance is parried! And the weapon that blocks it is another one of Adair’s Arsenal, Kraal’shazar! 
            The Spider Knight turns and sees Adler who says, ‘Step aside, Dar’gum. He’s mine.’
            Clearly, Deathblade is stronger a weapon than the mythril-forged Carrion Lance. To suppress that fact, the Black Prince begins to taunt the Viscount.
            ‘You cowardly maggots! Teaming up against one enemy. It seems the Light Side isn’t as chivalrous as they always boasted to be. I, Nöac the Black Prince am so disappointed.’
            To this, Adler responds, ‘HAHAHA! Now you sound like a jittery little spider. Mind you, I, Adler von Bachmann, Viscount of Thull-Bergam, native of Borgia am your more suitable opponent. Plus, my fight with you is personal, because you killed my mentor, Sir Heinrich Ratzinger.’

Author's Note: End of Part 2 (draft 1 script pg 191 end)

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