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Thursday, July 04, 2013 To Free Freidle - Part 3

Adler von Bachmann, the Greatsword Knight from Borgia

‘Oho, that rat of a man? You should’ve seen him when I drilled through him like a shish-kebab. He squeaked your name like a rat with his dying breath. His remains splattered everywhere and the zombies devoured it!
            And where were you? You just went away and satisfy your selfish vendetta in Lore, far away from your master’s side. Shame, shame on you.’
            Hearing this kind of accusation again, Adler lowers his head. His aura intensifies in synergy with his sword. It always happens whenever he is angry. Seeing this ‘opportunity’, Nöac attacks with his lance and spider-legs all drilling, the Five Abyssal Gates. Adler, unexpected to him, is still ready and focus, blocking all five blows with his five-way attack, Fingers of the Blade.
            And Adler doesn’t stop there. He counterattacks with a jump slash, Pouncing Tiger Slash and is about to hit his opponent’s head when suddenly the lance comes up and parries!

            ‘You didn’t expect that, huh? I left Borgia in his protection because he was the person I trust and respect the most, and Sir Heinrich, despite being able to escape, decided to stay behind to make sure the burn-down tactic a success. So, it’ll be an insult to his memory to regret about not being there, and a greater insult to be there but didn’t die in his stead. As I have a greater responsibility as a Paladin, I believe I’m in the right track, to vanquish you once and for all in honor of my mentor.
            So, better keep your worthless taunts to yourself, because I shall never buy it, even for a zenny!’
            ‘Great, let’s get to business then. HEEYAAAGH!!!’
            Nöac drills again! This time, not one, not five, but ten drills at a time! This skill, the Ten Pits of Underworld is both powerful and quite versatile. To handle that, Adler goes defensive by spinning around, blocking every blow with Eagle Whirlwind Slash.
            Nevertheless, one drill still manages to breach the whirlwind barricade and hits Adler’s armor on the left waist! The armor is cracked and the lance tries to penetrate Adler’s body, and before it can go deeper, Adler’s hand grabs that lance to a stop! Luckily, his armor is complete with iron gloves and the Eagle Whirlwind Slash halved the force, so only the iron glove is cracked.
            Adler gets a flesh wound on his waist, which gets him thinking. I can’t go on like this! It’s time for some serious offensive!
            ‘Appetizer is over, Nöac! Now eat this! Tusks of Myriad Elephants!’
            Again, the combo of uppercut-straight-downward thrusts and slashes strikes randomly. The Spider Knight might’ve seen it when Adler fought the giant spiders, but still, he can’t predict so versatile a move, just parrying each and every blow that comes.
            Adler comes behind Nöac as he finishes, and the result of his attack shows: black blood sprays here and ther, and the spider knight limps a bit.
            ‘URK!’ Blood comes out from the x-shaped hole on the black knight’s visor. It’s clear now that he suffers more wounds than Adler. The next moment, the dark aura all over his body intensifies, and Adler can see its shape – like octopus tentacles flailing here and there – a sign of maximum power.
            Looks like he’s angry now. All right, time to end this charade.
            Adler also pumps his aura to the maximum by drawing mana from his natural surroundings. For those who can see it, it’s as through green leaves are swirling speedily around him.
            Seeing that, Nöac comments, ‘Hmm, I have to admit you’re strong, Adler. But your aura is not compatible with Kraal’shazar, and it’ll backfire on you sooner or later. I hope it’ll be now.’
            Adler answers, ‘Thanks for your concern, Black Prince. But before it happens, I’ll destroy you, the Heir, the Dark Forces and even the Sodomos himself to free this fair Freidle. So, enough chatting and let’s get this going! HEEEAAAHHH!!!’
            CRICICICICICICIIIII!!! Sparks fly as the Viscount rushes forward, dragging his sword on the ground. Nöac also dashes, and then jumps! Adler also jumps!
            Adler unleashes his finishing blow, Shattering Heaven and Earth. It’s the move he prfected in each battle, namely with Chimera, Robert Chandler, and Archdevil Arachus. He slashes to all angles and with a great improvement to his lack of speed, the lines of attack looks like a sun shining so brightly.
            On the other hand, Nöac keeps into drilling. Only this time, he attacks like sharp teeth of a giant jaw, closing in to – ironically – Devour the Sun. Yup, that’s the name of the skill.
            Soon, only sounds of clashing metals are heard.
            CLANG! CLANG! CLANG!
            And blood, red and black, is sprinkling down like a drizzle.
            CLANG! CLANG! CLANG!

They exchange blow after blow like it’s going forever, until at last the two push away from each other! Gritting his teeth, Adler dashes forward again, this time to deliver a single, final blow! Nöac also dashes with the Carrion Lance drilling in top speed and full power.
            The lance and the great sword are pushing against each other, tip-to-tip! The forces keep culminating, concentrating on that impact point, going... going...
            Gone. The explosion throws the duelists apart from each other. Adler flies and hits a wall, slides down and falls face-down on the ground. He is seriously injured (and never too bad thanks to the protection field from an Alliance mage). Still conscious, Adler looks straight towards his opponent.
            Nöac is also down on the ground. He seems immobile, but then Adler sees his spider legs moving and he sighs, thinking.
            Damn! That brute is stronger than me! Even with a stronger weapon, and my finishing move, I still can’t finish him off! Darn it... my body feels numb. I... I can’t move a muscle! Oh... no, no! Nöac is getting up! And... he’s coming right here!
            Come on, Adler, get up! Get up! You don’t want to end up here in disgrace, do you!?
            Adler now feels the terror of seeing his death face-to-face. He has done his best, and yet it’s not enough. Will his journey end on his opponent’s lance? Will he become a ghost, trapped between this world and afterlife because of an unfinished business?
            His eyes widen. He screams a protest to this unfair, cruel world as the lance is drilling a few inches away from crushing his head into pulp...
            ‘AAARGGHH!!’ Huh? I feel pain, but it is not much! I must be dead now, but I still feel my wounds painful!
            Adler looks up again and is surprised.
            The... the lance is stopped! And... and this big guy, Desmond deflected it!
            No! Adler is not hallucinating. Desmond Edmundsen, the hefty blacksmith from Bjordan, one of the Twelve really did it, driving Nöac into an extreme rage.
            ‘DAMN YOU!! DIE!!!’
            The four spider legs attack in unison to teach the lightly armored berserker the last lesson of his life. And again, he is stopped! Kyflynn parries the two right legs with his twin daggers, and Tina blows the tip of her wand after blocking and freezing the other two.
            ‘Humph, now I’m convinced. You Alliance scums always band together to engage a single enemy. Such cowardice is what I expect from you maggots!’ Noac sounds disappointed – again.
            Kyflynn always does the talking, ‘Sorry to disappoint you, spider-man, but you are a disappointment yourself. Attacking a helpless opponent, such is expected from the typical dark scum like you. So, we just returned that favor. Since you’re so strong, why don’t you take the three of us altogether? I think that’ll satisfy your thirst of a good, fair fight.’
            ‘No,’ says a voice suddenly. ‘Stand aside, you three, let me handle him.’
            Kyflynn looks back from the corner of his eyes and is shocked to hear that from a heavily wounded warrior, Adler. But, what shocks him more is the supposedly wounded Viscount just walks firmly like he never been injured before, and this time his body is emitting dark aura so thick and intense like all hell is loose inside him.
            His eyes are bloodshot. He is consumed by rage and the fear of failing and losing his self-esteem, plus his body is so weakened that the dark power accumulated inside the Deathblade begins flowing inside him, amplifying sevenfold until it’s too much and demands release, or it’ll consume Adler’s body instead.
            Experience and understanding of such mechanism drive Kyflynn’s party to move out of the way.
            Adler and Nöac charge on each other, exchanging blow after blow, giving all they have until...
            ‘GHRAAAKK!! GHRAAAKK!! KRAAL DU EGA BHARRROOOMMM!!! (Attack! Death to all enemies!)’
            Adler knows it at once. Orcs! Damn! I must alert the troops, but I can’t break away from this fight! Kyflynn, Dar’gum, I hate to admit it but it’s up to you now.

(Script Draft 1 197/487 bottom)

Image Source:  Greatsword-Wielding Knight
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