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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens


The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens
A snowy winter's night. Three small children are chased from their home by the forces of a merciless darkness. Ten years later, Kate, Michael and Emma are no closer to the truth about what separated their family.

The answer lies with an enchanted atlas.

Brimming with action, humor, and emotion, The Emerald Atlas is the first stage of a journey that will take Kate, Michael, and Emma to strange, dangerous lands and deep within themselves. It is the story of three children who set out to save their family, and end up having to save the world.

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The Emerald Atlas is the story of three children who set out to save their family, and end up having to save the world!

Meet Gabriel:
When he was fifteen, Gabriel tracked a seven-hundred-pound black bear that had been terrorizing his village. Using only a knife and wooden spear, he fought the beast in the narrow confines of its cave. The bear left a deep scar down the boy's face-but the boy killed the bear.

Since the Countess's arrival, Gabriel's one goal has been to convince his village they must free the people of Cambridge Falls. He says he will fight the witch's demons alone if necessary. No one doubts him.

He is terrible at small talk. He has no close friends. He does his best not to scare people.

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Publisher: Random House

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