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Monday, February 29, 2016

World Of Warcraft Full Movie Cinematic ALL Cinematic VIDEO GAME Trailers...



The first three games in the Warcraft series, including their .expansion
packs, were all released on both the PC and Macintosh. All of these
games were of the real-time strategy genre. Each game proceeded to carry
on the storyline of the previous games and each introduced new features
and content to improve gameplay. Warcraft III was the first game in the
series to feature a Collector's Edition, which all subsequent games
have released as well. Warcraft II was the first game in the series to
feature play over the internet using, although this was not
included until a later release of the game. Warcraft II was also the
first in the series to be re-released as a "Battle Chest", a bundled
copy of the game containing both the original and expansion. Warcraft
III and World of Warcraft also have both had "Battle Chests" released
for them subsequent to their initial release. The "" edition
of Warcraft II was also the first to introduce the use of CD keys to the
series, requiring each user online to have their own copy of the game
in order to be able to connect. However, a CD key is not yet required to
play via a Local Area Network, although speculation is that future
games in the series will do so, as another product in Blizzard
Entertainment's portfolio, StarCraft II, is doing so by removing the
option for using LANs altogether, requiring the use of[10]

1998, an adventure game in the series, Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the
Clans, was announced as being cancelled, having been previously delayed
from a 1997 release.

In 2004, Blizzard Entertainment moved the
series away from the real-time strategy genre and released World of
Warcraft, an MMORPG. Requiring a subscription fee to be paid to play, it
also introduced regular additional content to the series in the form of
patches. World of Warcraft quickly gained much popularity worldwide,
becoming the world's largest subscription-based MMORPG. They reached a
peak 12 million subscribers worldwide.[11] World of Warcraft has had
five expansions as of 2014. During the production of StarCraft II: Wings
of Liberty, Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce stated that "If there’s a
team that’s passionate about doing another WarCraft RTS, then that’s
definitely something we would consider. It’s nothing that we’re working
on right now, we have development teams working on Cataclysm, StarCraft
II: Wings of Liberty, Diablo III, and when those teams are all off the
projects they’re working on, they’ll be intimately involved in the
discussions about what’s next."

In 2013, Blizzard announced a new
online free-to-play trading card game titled Hearthstone: Heroes of
Warcraft, with the beta being available in summer of 2013.[12] In March
2014, Hearthstone was officially released. In addition to the
free-to-play basic gameplay Hearthstone also contains fee-based features
like extra card packs, a special tournament mode or additional
restricted matches against computer opponents.

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