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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Xar & Vichattan - Tempest (The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 2)

Xar & Vichattan - Tempest 

(The Heirs to Light Series Vol. 2) Series

In the middle of the unfamiliar place, a whisper reached Kara's ears. "Kara," it called out. The voice belonged to neither Antessa nor Petra, but to a far older, unknown woman.
"Who are you?" Kara thought.
"It's me, Kara. Lisbet."
Kara wasn't sure she had actually heard the voice. It might be a hallucination. However, she wasn't the only one who heard the voice; Antessa sensed it too.
"Where are we, Lisbet?" Kara asked.
"You both are on a large plate. A different plate from the one inhabited by the others." Instead of clearing things up, Lisbet's reply confused Kara and Antessa even more.


The Temple of Darkness's army was advancing. Xar, Vichattan, and the Temple of Light were at a loss on how to stop the dark army's growing powers. The situation grew more critical when the dark fay's powers destroyed those of the fays fighting on the side of Light, and the four heirs to Light became scattered. When attacks from Khalash and his commanders increase, the elemental and Xar's powers also began to fade.

Driven into a corner, the warriors of Light put their hopes on a madwoman and ancient books protected by deadly sorcery. However, when help seems forthcoming, it doesn't last long, as no one has guessed Dark's true plans.

Kindle Edition
Published July 1st 2016 by Bonmedo Tambunan
Edition Language: English

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