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Sunday, June 11, 2006

3.s1.e1. Baby Delivery


Mini-Episode for FireHeart – Legend of the Paladins – The Series

Season #1

Episode #1

Robert, Chris and Carolyn are on their way to Wagnerport when they see a stork carrying a bundle on its beak flying above them. Suddenly, the stork is shot with an arrow and falls with its cargo to the ground.

Out of curiosity, the party goes after the falling stork and finds it dead, but its cargo hangs on a tree branch. They see what’s inside the cargo bag: It’s a baby! And it’s still alive!

The hunters bring the baby to the nearest Adoption and Delivery Service Agency in the small town of Nigelsham, the White Pelican Agency. The agency manager is surprised by Robert’s story, and tells them that there’s an unhealthy competition between his agency, the White Pelican and his rival, The Blue Jay Agency. The White Pelican’s business is booming because they apply the more efficient and quicker method of baby delivery by magically-trained storks. While the Blue Jay’s business is plummeted because they still hire unreliable and expensive novice hunters.

So the White Pelican manager suspects the Blue Jay is behind those shootings. There were three storks shot to death, and two babies became casualties because of it. Robert and his friends volunteer to deliver the baby, but the manager refuses and asks them to watch the delivery stork instead. So it’s settled that the stork will deliver a bag with a bundle of rags inside it, and Robert and his friends deliver the real baby.

The stork is shot again, but this time the shot misses. Robert asks Carolyn and Chris to complete the delivery while he himself will search and catch the shooter. Through the art of Eagle’s Eye, Robert finds the shooter. The shooter fights, but he’s no match for Robert and is utterly defeated.

When Robert asks who sent him, the shooter said that he is hired by an unknown man, but he produces a letter with instructions and a Blue Jay crest stamped on it. Robert asked him did he know that the bag contained a baby; he becomes shocked and said he doesn’t know, his orders were only, ‘shoot and run’.

Robert goes with the shooter to the Blue Jay headquarters in Nigelsham. When Robert meets the manager, the shooter says that she’s not the man who hired him. Robert shows the letter to the manager. The manager admits that the crest is a Blue Jay’s, but the stamp is a fake. He takes out the real stamp and shows the differences in sizes and the flaws on the fake stamp.

Robert then asks what really happened. The Blue Jay manager talks a different but more modest version of the White Pelican story. According to her, it’s the White Pelican who is in the brink of bankruptcy. Their new method of delivering babies with storks is proved faulty, because the storks can be killed easily and the babies’ death rate is also alarming. So it’ll be a lot safer to entrust the delivery to human couriers.

The question now is who the culprit really is? Who lied and who tells the truth? Robert, the shooter and the Blue Jay manager go to the White Pelican HQ to confirm the truth. The shooter recognizes the manager of the White Pelican was the mysterious man who gave him the orders. The White Pelican manager gets panicked and flees from the spot. He also orders his employees to attack Robert and the other intruders, but the employees are not fighters. The evil manager is finally caught by the very person he hired to do his dirty works.

Under Robert’s kiliji, the evil manager confesses that it was he who ordered to shoot his own storks. Apparently he is also aware that the stork delivery method is faulty, but he chooses the cruelest way to get rid of the storks and frame the Blue Jay agency at the same time. He doesn’t really care about the babies, and calls their deaths as “the necessary sacrifice for the greater good”.

The Blue Jay manager gets angry and she wants to kill the inhumane businessman, but Robert prevents her, saying that his crime of baby-killing, sabotage and slander will be punished most severely.

This episode is concluded by Chris and Carolyn’s return and the freeing of the three remaining storks. The Blue Jay manager says that now the White Pelican is out of business, the Blue jay takes care of the babies. Now more adopters come to Blue Jay to choose and collect the children, so no need to deliver them to childless families ever again. With some parting words, Robert and friends continue their trip to Wagnerport.

Episode 01 – Finished

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