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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nations in Aurelia - Bresconnor

Name : Bresconnor - Kingdom

Location : North of Borgia, border to Gremion and Regia

Major Cities : Barc’vardon (Capital), Llomvard, Caen

Resources : Some agriculture, trading, cattle, meadows & plains

Specialities : Jigdha’uthul swamplands, monster hunters’ paradise

Economy : Farming and trading in the earliest stages

Ruler : Ep1 (conquered by Gremion)

Ep2 (at war with Gremion, led by Nathan van Kreulen)

Ep3 King Chivron van Kreulen

Model Base : Netherlands in our world

Major Creatures : Gavials, marsh folks, Uthul frogs, giant ants, dire wolves.

Legendary : Schkumann, Lord of the Bogs, god of the gavials.

Description : (as described in FireHeart – Paladins book two – chapter 8)

As evening comes the next day, the streets in Barc’vadon, the capital of the Kingdom of Bresconnor are dark – except the dim candle lights from the houses and buildings there. It’s a grim city, no doubt about that, with grim-faced, rude people living there. Most of the buildings are shabby and some of them are even beyond repair and in the brink of collapse.

Many said the condition in this ‘grim slum city’ is the outcome from a nation ruled by corrupt, tyrant nobles and an incompetent king, Chivron van Kreulen. Because of high taxes and lack of resources, the people of Bresconnor only want to survive. They don’t give a damn whatsoever about honor, justice, aesthetics and the good of the society. They are nothing but selfish, dumb and violent brutes, the exact contrary with the lavish landlords.

Reference : A Bounty Hunter's Guide to Aurelia

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