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Thursday, September 28, 2006 The Call of Heroes Part 2 - Adler's Call

In another place, in a castle near Borgian Capital, Freidle, a man is alone, in his training room. He is well-built, as seen clearly with him being bare-chested. He has a very long, blonde hair. One may mistake him as a lady if he sees his back when he wears a robe. He has a handsome, serious and arrogant-looking face, but with a pair of blue eyes that are full of concentration and determination, just like Robert’s.

The training room itself is very sophisticated. There are eight full armors there, including two suspended and stuffed for sword practice. People say that the armors used for practice once belonged to the lord of this castle’s enemies, and those displayed are favourites for his collection or his own use.

Various weapons are hanging on the wall and are kept on stands : Halberds, spears, axes, clubs, morning stars, short and long swords and bows, and the jewel of his collections : numerous two-hand swords, Claymores*) and Flamberges**). It seems he favors two-hand swords above all else in his arsenal and now he trains with one of it.

He slashes and swings Ulcergash, his Flamberge in different ways and variations. Enough with basic moves, he starts to practice his special skills.

Firstly, he swings his Flamberge in rotations, making a whirlwind effect just like Christopher’s: Whirlwind Slash. The effect itself is much greater and more effective with two-hand swords, providing both defense and offense in the same time.

Footnote :

(* Claymore: A broad great sword, can be used for hitting beside slashing. Made for power not art, Claymore is quite blunt and rough in its making. It is also known as ‘Horse-Splitter’, literally, with the rider and his armor also count.

(** Flamberge: A great sword with a rather wriggly blade like a big kris dagger. Named so because it looks like a flame as its blade. Those who are stabbed or slashed by its wriggly blade will get ulcers and infections on their wounds in addition of the damage by blade.

Then, he swings his Flamberge horizontally from his overhead forwards very quickly, making five lines of sharp energy blows spreading into five directions – Fingers of the Blade.

Satisfied with the result of this, he continues with the style that originally used for two one-hand swords – Phoenix Wings. He runs forwards slashing his Flamberge multiple times left and right. He sighs a bit after he finished – he still can’t reach the speed desired to make the effect tighter and unblockable. Maybe I must try two swords instead… Ah well, more practice then…

Then he tries several quick thrusts: Tusks of Myriad Elephants; Pouncing Tiger Bash, a finishing jumping overhead bash, and lastly, a beautiful combo of all the skills he practiced earlier, which he named: The Shattering of Heaven and Earth. This combo is so lethal and unavoidable, unless you have wings and flies beyond the clouds or dig your way down to the core of the earth. After all those spectacular moves, the long-haired man still stands tall and firm, he doesn’t pant at all. Of course he is only refining his techniques and only using twenty percent of his power, because if he puts full force on any of his moves, he will have to renovate or build another training room.

Just then he hears knocking sounds at the door. The man immediately yells, ‘Is that you, Jorgand?’

‘Yes, master Adler. A guest is waiting for you at the front door.’

Adler cuts in, ‘Have you asked for his name, occupation and business?’

‘Of course, master. Every time. His name is Orlevant, a lieutenant-general and noble elf from Thyrine, and he comes to give you a letter from Queen Carolyn of Thyrine and receives your answer in return.’

‘Hmm… good enough. Let him in, and tell him to wait for me in the front room. I need to change my clothes first.’

‘Your biddings will be done, master.’

Soon afterwards, Jorgand the butler escorts Orlevant the elf messenger into the front room, where he waits for quite some time. Then Adler comes into the room, wearing his daily tunic. The elf salutes Adler very politely and gracefully, but Adler doesn’t gesture back before surveying the elf with his eyes for a couple of seconds. Adler salutes back after he’s satisfied, and says, ‘Please take a seat.’

The elf doesn’t respond with the rudeness in Adler’s tone, but he sits immediately and carefully waits for Adler to sit and talk again.

‘Well, noble elf. What tidings do you bring, honoring me with your visit?’

‘I bring a message from Queen Carolyn of Thyrine to Viscount Adler von Bachmann, Lord of the Thull-Bergam district in The Kingdom of Borgia. May I presume that you are him, Lord Adler?’

‘I am Adler, noble elf. Now please relate the message to me.’

‘Here it is. Please read this letter first, and then give your answer to our queen.’

Orlevant hands Adler the red envelope with the same Vadis’ holy seal on the letter inside. Adler receives it with a mild surprise on his eyes but hides it with a serious expression on his face. Adler opens the letter, and reads the contents which are the same with Robert’s and Hernan’s. After a long while, Adler rubs his chin as though contemplating, and then says,

‘This is a mission from Thyrine, while I am an officer of Borgia. I am not a subject of Queen Carolyn and any foreign kingdoms and she can’t ask my aid unless the king of Borgia gave her permission to do so.’

‘Forgive my impoliteness, Lord Adler, but the seal and contents are all from The Holy Unison of Vadis and Enia itself. Queen Carolyn only relayed the message from the Pope Xylen to me, as I relayed it to you, and she has appointed me as your guide to enter Enia’s Sanctum and pass through the traps within. The Pope doesn’t need permission from kings because we are spiritually subject to The Pope, as we are the followers of the light.’

‘Hmm… very well then. Although I’m not quite a Vadis-Enia follower, I’ll take this mission and try my best to prevent the so-called “heir” from claiming the sword. A Zweihänder***)… Deathblade, or in elvish, Kraal’Shazar. A legendary sword once wield by a Borgian, although that man has dishonored and tainted Borgian history by his foul doings.’

‘May Enia’s blessings be with you, Lord Adler.’

‘And you will be my guide, right? We’ll set off tomorrow morning then. It’s good to travel again and put my training to a good use.’

(*** Zweihänder: Borgian terminology for two-hand great swords.

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