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Friday, September 22, 2006

Don Hernan y Parvaez - Characters

Don Hernan y Parvaez, Swordsman – Human, Escudia

Class : Swordsman > Fencer + Guardian = Water Paladin

Race : Human

Nation : Lore

First Weapon : Albatross Rapier

Best Weapon : Escobar, the Escudo Rapier

First Weapon : Albatross Rapier

Best Armor : Eil’thanath Escudo (Mythril) Armor Set (incomplete) :

Breastplate, Arm Braces & Shoulder Braces

Guardian : Petra the Leviathan, Lord of the Seas

Skills / Spells :

Sword Mastery :

Requiem of the Tides – Wave of Thrusts Combo

Shears of the Falling Rain – Downwards Multi-Thrusts

Dances on the Clouds – Upwards Multi-Thrusts

Whirlpool Polonaise – Spiralling Jump Thrust

Symphony of the Seven Seas – Thrusts and Slashes, Attack and Defense Combo

Description :

Don Hernan y Parvaez Besso Trinidad, a noble loyal to King Jaime of Escudia, Hernan repeatedly saved the country by doing secret missions as a secret agent in his noble, flamboyant disguise (just like James Bond in 007 movies). As a token of appreciation of his heroic feats, King Jaime awarded Hernan a sum of land worthy of a Marquis in addition of Hernan’s hereditary lands, and the body-part armor set of Eil’thanath.

Hernan’s only weakness is his reverence of beauty – especially in beautiful women. Although he already has a wife, a daughter and two sons, he still likes to seek adventures in distant lands just to meet and woo beautiful ladies (and deflower them, leaving his ‘mark’ on them if possible) with his charms. Unfortunately, his age and marital status, if known, makes him somewhat ‘repulsive’ for ladies with uncommon beauty and qualities.

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