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Monday, January 01, 2007





Monsters, Wild-Special and Magical Beasts of Eternia – A Study

Based on the game Ultima VI - A Bestiary by Lord Britain

Produced by ORIGIN (tm)

Recorded for Andry Chang’s research only, not to be published commercially.

A - H

Acid Slug:

Though seldom encountered except in the darkest corners of the dampest caves, this featureless creature will secrete its corrosive juices on anything you possess that is metal, thus dissolving it. Painful but superficial skin burns may result from contact with the acid while it eats away at your armor. Conventional weapons have little effect on the monster, whereas a flame will send it fleeing.

Habitat: Caves throughout Aurelia, especially an abundance of it in Lore.

Alligator / Crocodile:

Care must be taken whilst wading in the murky swamps which are the home of this aggressive man-eater. Possessing great physical strength, this fearsome lizard can inflict heavy damage with a single blow from its mighty tail.

Habitat: Bresconnor Swamplands, Borgia, River Lirn in Arcadia and rarely in Western Aurelia.

Ant, giant:

The shifting desert sands conceal these warrior insects all too effectively. Beware their powerful mandibles, capable of crushing a man in an instant.

Habitat: Bal’Hanni, deserts in Ubanga Continent, Al-Kalam region, Meshallah.

Bat, giant:

Equipped with keen hearing and night vision, these large, winged rodents are swift and efficient in their nocturnal attacks. Though difficult to hit, their fur-covered bodies are extremely vulnerable to damage.

Habitat: Some large caves, caverns and forests throughout Aurelia. This is a common monster.


Found only in deep, labyrinthine caverns, these hellish, tentacled ghouls drag their screaming victims into subterranean dens. What fearful end awaits the poor captive, none can say. Only a burning flame has been known to have any effect on these creatures of the dark.

Habitat: Sylvania (but it’s not going to be mentioned specifically in any FireHeart Saga stories) and some cursed graveyards.


This hulking, one-eyed titan fears no one. Possessor of remarkable strength, it wields a mighty oaken club when it isn’t hurling large boulders at its foes. The earth trembles as this giant lumbers about its domain, or so say those who claim to have survived an encounter with a cyclops.

Habitat: Parthenia, Escudia-Corazon, Arcadia, Regia, Gremion (co-exist with orcs), Borgia.

Daemon (or Devil, or Demon – Succubus for Female Daemon):

This most wicked and formidable of foes is not to be underestimated. Overwhelming strength, skill and intelligence make daemons nearly unbeatable. Possessing magical powers rivaling the most powerful of mages, the daemon can summon hordes of his brothers to assist him in killing or possessing his victims. Being already undead, the daemon has little fear for death. You are forewarned!

Habitat: Sylvania (wait until you see the three legendary daemon lords: Noac, Xylen and Arachus!)


How many myths have been built around this winged, fire-breathing holdover from distant past? Even the strongest warrior has been known to wilt under the intense magical flames and noxious fumes that pour from the enraged beast’s nostrils. Though mortal, dragons are extremely difficult to kill. It is, therefore, a wonder that some bold souls have actually managed to steal eggs from a dragon’s nest to satisfy the culinary delights of wealthy town dwellers!

Habitat: Borgia, Grad, Western and Northern Regia, Val’shka, and somewhere throughout the world.

Note: Dragon comes in many species and forms, and some can breathe ice, water, lightning, wind, lightblast and poison.

Additional species: Ancient Dragon, Fire Dragon, Black Dragon, Green Dragon, Blue Dragon, White Dragon, Gold Dragon, Bone Dragon, Canopy Dragon etc. (from various literatures and games)

Legendary: Two of the Ancient Dragons,

Algaban the Bahamut – Ancient Fire Dragon (Wranglarr Mount, Halethia, Regia Confed.)

Omegron the Tiamat – Ancient Black Dragon (Kraal’thragon, Sylvania)


Smaller than their cousins, the dragons, but no less ferocious in battle, drakes are usually found in the company of their more formidable relatives. In a battle against a dragon, one must be ever mindful of the deadly drakes.

Habitat: Borgia, Grad.


Frequently confused with daemons, the gargoyles are a little understood race of beings. Only fragments of information have made their way back from expeditions to the underworld habitat of these creatures. There are two classes of gargoyles – a dominant, winged variety and smaller, wingless drones. The larger gargoyle is a daunting opponent, possessing very high intelligence and impressive magical powers. But, the smaller drones are not to be ignored, for their attack is deadly, despite their apparent lack of magical ability.

Note: There is a completely different version and definition of gargoyles in Eternia, and I will supply it later in the final, finished monstropedia. This version only applies in Britannia as in the Worlds of Ultima. For now I’ll go with Warcraft’s version for the definition of gargoyles.

Habitat: Wild Gargoyles: Sylvania; Subdued Gargoyles: Valanis


How this monstrosity evolved in is anybody’s guess, for gazers are among the most unusual creatures found in the realm. They are usually spotted hovering above the ground in dungeons, searching for creatures they can mesmerize with their multiple eyes. One experienced adventurer claims that gazers emit a strange buzzing sound as they move about. Remain alert when you suspect the presence of a gazer, as it is constantly on the alert for prey.

Note: Another typical Britannian exaggerated version of Evil Eyes. Will I input it in the story? Hope this monster is not copyrighted, though. Evil Eyes is common term enough.

Habitat: It exists in Eternia, but I will not define where yet.


Ghosts are generally found in cemeteries and other places of the dead, though their movements are all but unlimited. These ethereal spirits pass easily through solid walls and other obstacles, making them difficult to chase and difficult to elude. Though they do not possess great strength, their mobility and ability to use magic make them a force to be reckoned with.

Additional Note: Since it’s a supernatural being, it can only be damaged with magic or magically enchanted weapons (namely White Magic)

Habitat: Any haunted graveyards or places throughout Eternia.


Unimpressive in battle, gremlins usually roam in packs and will attempt to overcome you through sheer force of numbers. Given the chance, these persistent creatures will take whatever food you are carrying in your pack, distributing it amongst themselves in a frenzy of feeding.

Additional Note: In ‘original’ versions, gremlins also sabotage any form of machinery and structure.

Habitat: Originally from Val’shka, but a great number of them dwell in Parthenia to mess up with their machinery and technological items.

Headless (and Headless Zombie):

The product of a wizard’s (thaumaturgist’s) failed experiments, these wretched creatures somehow manage to sense the location of their quarry and strike with unnatural accuracy.

Do not fall prey to pity, for a headless would as soon strangle you with his bare hands as accept your mercy.

Habitat: Not undead: (undefined), Undead: Sylvania and throughout Eternia as a headless zombie.


The putrid quagmire of the swamp is the spawning ground of this botanical nightmare. This monster drives its enemy into the adjacent swamplands where the carnivorous hydras completed their mission of destruction. While fearsome, hydras also bring good luck, of a sort – when one finds a hydra, the valued nightshade mushroom can be usually be found close by.

Note: This version is completely different from the ever-regenerating heads and limbs of a multi-headed dragon version.

Habitat: Jigdha’uthul swamp and a few vast swamps in Aurelia.

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