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Friday, March 16, 2007 D.I.D. (Dragon in Distress) Part One

D.I.D. (Dragon in Distress)

There is no more incident happens to Robert and his hunting party during the rest of the journey. Except, maybe, they ride in some areas around Mount Hvalgarr infested with monsters such as giant spiders, tatras* and arachmen** and only fight the monsters whenever they attack.

Footnote :
*Tatras: Cute monsters with four antennae that can function as hands, feet and weapons at the same time. They can produce lethal electric shocks generated with their antennae.
** Arachmen: Man-spiders, combination of human head, hands and torso and spider torso and legs just like centaurs (men-horses).

Iris almost adopts a tatra for a pet, but when the tatra zaps Chiel, Carolyn’s pet micha, Iris has no choice but to release it under the snappish pink-haired sorceress’ continuous objections.
On the fourth day since they left Barc’vadon, they finally reach Mount Hvalgarr in the evening. They can’t help marveling upon the scenery there. The lone mount stands in the middle of a valley. A river runs through the loose woods surrounding the mount.
The hunters leave their horses behind to grass, and go down to the valley. As they reach the woods, they see marks and cracks all over the rocks and trees there. Carolyn touches one big scratch on a tree, saying,
‘Those were made by a dragon and its foes. I guess there were many, many battles fought here for centuries.’ She sighs. ‘All this just to claim Adair’s Arsenal and whatever else in there.’
‘Hey, look!’ says Chris, ‘Bones... and skeletons! Humans, orcs, beasts... and their armors!’
Robert comes near the armored skeletons and examines them briefly. He concludes at once.
‘Their armors were burnt. Only dragon fire can burn like that. I heard a full, concentrated fire blast can melt iron, and I think Algaban can do that.’
‘We better meet Algaban at once. Only then we know whether we must fight with her or against her,’ says Chris.
‘Chris’ right,’ says Iris with a nod. ‘Let’s get going then.’

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