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Thursday, March 22, 2007 Mind Games Part 4

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Arachus, the Archdevil (Prior Design) by Andry Chang

Meanwhile, the ancient black dragon Omegron is flying back to its lair in the tallest tower on a great, impressively built palace. The walls of the palace are made of dark rock, giving the looks of darkness and evil. It’s also superbly vast and high, one may also consider this last defense of evil forces in the world as a dark citadel – a fortress city.
The sky surrounding the place is dark. It’s probably night time, but as the dark energy concentration is the densest here, there are always dark clouds blocking the sunlight in the region around the dark citadel, emitting lightning every now and then and make everlasting darkness in that region.
‘You come alone, Omegron,’ says a deep, imposing voice in the tower as Omegron comes closer to his lair. Then he lands on the very spacious platform in front of the tower gate and then folding his wings and lowering his head as though it’s a sign of obedience.
Then a winged figure, considerably smaller than Omegron but is not – presumably – less powerful, lands in front of the ancient Tiamat. As he comes into the slightly dim-lighted part on the platform, we can see that he is a devil. He’s blood-red skinned, with a pair of big horns on its head curling upwards, blood-red dragon wings on his back and a pointy spear-like tail. His face, of course is hideous and horrifying but somewhat unique to its own kind. His fangs are bare on his lipless mouth, even when it’s shut. His eyes are constantly gleaming in fiery gold color, and a black tattoo all over his face and head completes his ultimately powerful look. And, his overly-impressively clad armor lets everyone assume that he is an archdevil, the supreme lord of all devils and undead. Of course, there was only one being more powerful than him in this mortal world, the vanquished Vordac, the Dark Overlord.
Seeing Omegron, the archdevil speaks, ‘From the looks of you, you’ve been suffering a disastrous defeat. Where is your master Zal’fira?’
Omegron opens his bulging mouth, and with his snake-like tongue, he takes Zal’fira’s body out and puts the dead necromancess on the floor.
‘Damn Algaban. Damn the hunters assisting her! Now I must tell the heir that one of his minions has fallen, and his plan to collect Adair’s Arsenal has gone into shambles.’
But then, the gleam of his eyes goes brighter and more dazzling.
‘Anyways, it’s not a total loss. Don’t despair, Omegron. We can still “fix” your master, and she’ll be back with you again... in one way or another.’
The archdevil snaps his fingers. Instantly, three winged demons fly, land and prostrate before their lord. The Demon Lord gives instructions.
‘You two, bring this cadaver to the necromancers and tell them to “fix” her with the best thing they can conjure out from their mundane minds. Let her be useful to us again, with their lives to forfeit should they fail.’
The two demons shriek in response, and they soon put Zal’fira’s body in their laps carefully and fly away, carrying out their master’s order.
‘And you. Disguise yourself and tell the heir that Zal’fira has failed. And I, Archdevil Arachus, await his further instructions. Go now!’
The third demon shrieks, and it immediately flies away. Archdevil Arachus is left alone with Omegron, and now he too flaps his wings, and he floats upwards to stare straight at Omegron’s eyes.
‘Now you take a rest and heal your wounds. It’s just a pity that you lost an eye, but you’ll have the opportunity to take revenge to the ones who did this to you. Sleep now. Sleep.’
Arachus’ voice alone can make an ancient dragon sleep at once like a tame puppy. And then Arachus flies away from the main tower, with his eyes still gleaming with rage.
End of Chapter 8

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