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Sunday, December 02, 2007 The Ultimatum


The Kingdom of Lore is in a difficult position. King George’s decision to dub Robert Chandler, the most wanted fugitive in the entire Aurelia Continent as knight ignites protests and animosity from the rest of the Alliance, especially the Holy Land of Valanis.
Two weeks after the knighting, the new Pope, Matthaeus II (the name given for the newly elected Cardinal Ladimenus) sends a letter to Lore bearing an ultimatum, demanding the King to hand Robert Chandler over to Valanis or the Holy Nation will convert his allegiance from neutral to supporting Arcadia in the Cold War against Lore.
The King has three days to comply.
‘A lenient time they gave, but with dire consequences,’ says King George, his face looks calm. ‘Very well, then. I know Robert will have to face trial, so, Rael’charon, you shall go to Valanis with him as his defendant. See to it that justice is served, and our trust in him is not a mistake.’
‘I’ll carry out your bidding, Your Majesty,’ says Rael’charon. From his face, we can see that he wants to say something but waiting until the King gives him the chance.
Seeing the elf’s face, the King curls up a bit of smile, saying, ‘As for the present situation Lore is in, do you have a suggestion?’
The Chief Advisor replies, ‘Yes, I have one, Your Majesty. As you’ve said, sending Robert to trial will calm down Valanis. My suggestion is, we can use this momentum to make peace with Arcadia as well. The Cold War has made the People of Lore suffered enough. If we don’t have Escudia-Corazon as our ally, we would be decimated from trade blockade and become sitting ducks for Arcadian invasion.
The Emperor of Arcadia, Sage, has been eyeing our territory for so many years with greed and pride. No one could sway him with precious gifts, tributes, and even mind-opening thoughts. Only two things can make him stop: One, surrendering our territory to Arcadia – which we shall never do. And two, sealing a bond between Lore and Arcadia. And in history, no bond is greater and more powerful than royal marriage. A sacred union of nations that become families.
So, my suggestion is, since Princess Eloise is in marriageable age now, we shall get her betrothed with either one of the two Princes of Arcadia: Alexis or Cristophe. The Crown Prince can provide a stronger bonding, but the Emperor may have a different opinion. Either way, we may secure peace for our people. I myself prefer the younger Prince, because the Crown Prince will have a claim to our Kingdom if he marries Eloise and become Emperor one day.’
‘Then we should try to persuade Emperor Sage to have Prince Cristophe marry Eloise,’ says the King. ‘A good suggestion, Rael. Arcadia may refuse the offer, but it’s still worth a try. Now, let us prepare two letters, one for Valanis and one for Arcadia, and hope for the best.’

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