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Friday, December 14, 2007 The Ambush - Part Two

Rael swiftly does a half-turn, evading the stab altogether. And they go on, striking and evading each other. So far, they are equally matched.
Meanwhile, Ney and Agustina’s fight is somewhat close to a stalemate. Shards and boulders of ice are scattered on their track. Ney deliberately lures Tina into the woods so they won’t interfere with other duels. Trees get wet and freezing.
Agustina’s Frost Arrows are all stopped with the water bubbles sprouting from Ney’s wand. Seeing that, Ney gets an idea and shoots a rain of water needles at Tina.
‘An Jokul’me Prdaj!’
Tina conjures an Ice Wall that blocks the needles completely. But, another spell is already darting in high speed towards her from her left.
‘An Petravia Fyasch!’
Before the jet of Tidal Blast hits her, the Ice Mage quickly conjures up another Ice Wall. Before she can breathe, another spell already comes from her back. Tina turns quickly and blocks Water Drill Pillars spell with yet another Ice Wall, and another spell comes from Tina’s right.
‘Vare Petravia Nharm!’ The Waterfall spell!
Agustina’s eyes widen. There’s no way she can block this one. The attack is too fast and too high for her! So, she counters with the spell that pops out from her head, ‘An Jokul’me Fyasch!’
Ney is shocked. She never thought that Agustina would resort to that desperate move. As ice begins to engulf her body, Ney realizes that both of them will die from this impact. Agustina’s face looks desperate but she thinks that she has nothing to lose. To meet the toughest opponent in her life and to die with her are enough to fulfill her life purpose, that is to die a glorious death with her arch-enemy.
And so be it. Ney’s body becomes stiff in mid-air and she falls on the ground with a loud thud. Luckily Ney is not freezing, so she didn’t fall into pieces. She’s not dead, but obviously knocked out, unconscious.
Tina, on the other hand, is pretty much conscious. But thick layers of ice wall blocks her from every side but under, and water pouring from above has turned into ice and binds her limbs so she can’t move a muscle. So, we can say that the result is a draw. One is knocked out, and the other is bound in.
Meanwhile, Robert is still fighting with Desmond. Robert is quicker and nimbler than the berserker, but one single blow with Terra Nakro╬▓ can flatten his insides like mashed potato.
Robert leaps, rolls and slides here and there, but doesn’t seem to find an opening through Desmond’s formidable Stone Skin, the armor aura that can render its target weapon-proof.
The Berserker attacks with Landsplitter Quake and Robert dodges it. The white-haired knight turns around and rapidly attacks with Rising Dragon uppercut strike.
The attack hits Desmond’s shoulder, but doesn’t hurt him at all. Robert quickly changes his attack to Dragon Hammering Down, slashing downwards to Desmond’s head. Desmond tries to block it with hand, and Robert abruptly curls his body up and does a stationary triple somersault in mid-air, slashing with his sword like a wheel of fire – a variant of Sleeping Dragon Curls Up. Two slashes land on the berserker’s left and right shoulders near the neck, and one hits Desmond’s head. Normally, his head would be cut exactly in halves.
Ah, no good. It covers his head too, Robert thinks.
And the next thing he sees is a hammerhead coming right towards his face. In that split second, Robert holds his Grimlock with two hands by the handle and the blunt back of its blade. He parries the blow, but the impact sends him flying backwards. He does a somersault and lands on two feet. He seems okay, but suddenly...
A jerk of pain comes from Robert’s insides. He clutches his own chest and vomits blood!
‘Now, does Megaton Impact suit your liking?’
‘Tastes like blood,’ says Robert. ‘You might want to add some salt to it. But hey, why don’t you try mine? Dance of Myriad Dragons!’
Robert slashes randomly with ever-changing skills targeting random places, not orderly and patterned like Ten Point Chain Slash. The enemy won’t be able to predict the second attack with the same technique. Desmond blocks some of the attack and let other slashes land on his Stone Skin. The blows come ceaselessly, and at a certain point Desmond puts extra effort to block the blows by raising his hammer. Noticing this, Robert’s eyes widen.

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