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Friday, February 08, 2008 Survival of the Swiftest - Part Five

MacLair knocks and kicks the twin dagger Maraj'vriad off Kyflynn's hands.
Unexpectedly, Kyflynn kicks MacLair's hand! The dagger with cursed blood is thrown straight into the sky.
MacLair grunts and delivers the second stab with his other dagger, and the dagger goes into Kyflynn's left stomach near his waist!
'Finally, you let your guard down. See you in hell, Windwalker.'
'No, see YOU,' says Kyflynn. He clutches and pulls MacLair's outstretched left hand, then elbows Mac's face, making him groggy. Using this momentum, Flynn quickly twists Mac's hand, grapples the free hand and feet and raises him high from the ground, stretching him from a lie-down position.
MacLair is now like a rat in a trap. Panicked. Desperate to break free. Too late! The next second he sees his own dagger – the bloody one – coming down, much faster than up.
MacLair screams in terror, but how can he escape if he can't move a muscle? The Ultimatum ultimately finds home in its master's chest. The Rogue Assassin's face goes blank. A jerk, then he moves no more. A sigh, and he breathes no more.
One more villain bites the dust. The cursed blood has had its vengeance, says Kyflynn in his mind. He has lowered his guard a bit, sprang the trap and reaped victory from it. However, it's the victory he must pay dearly. The dagger on his stomach and the loss of blood make his sight go blurry. Then, his head go dizzy. His body is failing him. As he mutters 'Help!' Kyflynn collapses, unconscious.
Seeing their leader fallen, the dark elves scatter and run away. Although there are still sixty of them and in upper hand, they leave their enemies all wounded, with Desmond and Agustina bearing the heaviest.
All can guess the result now, and rush to the duel site. There, they see MacLair lay lifeless with his own dagger sticking into his chest.
Andreas Marvellini sighs, saying, 'What a terrible end for such a talented man. What a waste, he went to the dark side.'
'Father Andreas, Kyflynn needs your help here,' Chris calls.
Andreas rushes to Kyflynn's side and, after checking his pulse, his wound and confirming that the elf is alive, the dwarf priest takes the dagger out slowly while putting one hand on the bleeding wound, muttering, 'Viavitali!'
Iris is tending to Robert, Chris and Carol. Rael'charon is tending to Desmond and Agustina, all with healing potions and salves administered carefully like hunters do. Rael confiscates the twin daggers Ultimatum and covers them with MacLair's ragged scarf for investigative purposes. They dig a hole, bury MacLair in there, place several stone slabs as the grave marker. Iris also puts some enchantments on the ground and the stone slabs so no one will be able to remove the slabs and dig the grave which soil is now as solid as iron.
After half an hour of treatment, to all's relief, Kyflynn's life is saved. However, he is still very weak from loss of blood. The big guy Desmond carries him on his back towards the exit of the Wyrmspine Pass.
MacLair... Kyflynn glances towards his enemy's grave. You talked about the Assassin's Code all the time, but there is another code higher and nearer to the truth. A code that says: 'He who live by the sword shall die by the sword.'

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