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Friday, February 08, 2008 Survival of the Swiftest - Part Four

Being in pain, MacLair leaps away to the nearest wall and takes off again from there. This time he stabs forward. Just as Kyflynn deflects it, another blow comes. It's Spirit Corruption, a concentrated blow that hits Kyflynn's forehead. Kyflynn's eyes go blank. Something is going on inside his mind.
Actually, the Windwalker is reliving his worst memories: His father was murdered by a night she-elf he loved, then he killed his beloved for revenge, thus resulting to his banishment. He sees his father's face, his love's, the people he killed, shouting curses at him.
Clouded with that thought, Kyflynn falls to the ground. He holds his head and drops his daggers. Looks like he's in agony, tortured by his own memory.
Seeing Kyflynn off-guard, MacLair stares from above like a vulture eyeing its prey, and he dives! He's about to backstab Kyflynn with the blackened-bloodstained dagger.
When the dagger tip is about less than two inches away from Kyflynn's eye, suddenly the elf vanishes! MacLair is shocked. He quickly does a back flip to prevent Flynn from backstabbing him, but midway, as he looks up, Kyflynn's kick lands on his face! Now it's MacLair's turn to kiss the ground.
The Rogue Assassin gets up, and as Kyflynn is about to land another stab, he raises his ands and shouts, 'STOP!' The Windwalker withdraws his attack but he stands on a distance in full alert, anticipating any more of MacLair's dirty tricks.
'I don't get it. How... How did you free yourself from Spirit Corruption?' says MacLair.
The elf replies, 'Because I've left my past behind and forgiven myself for my misdeed. Now I live to redeem this impalpable debt by protecting, not destroying. I'm free. Free from my past. Free from the curse of the Assassin's Code.'
'No, you're not. Because the past is haunting you. The Code is hunting you. And I brought them along to hunt you down. And now that you're hindering it, I'll make you die the hard way.'
'Good. Let's go frontal. My best against your best. Time to end this.'
'Yeah, let's!'
However, they don't move a muscle. Obviously, neither wants to start slower than the other, because in this kind of duel, only the swiftest may survive. They strike their stances, ready and aware with their daggers bare. A minute is past.
Rael'charon sees that, and shoots a knife between the duelers to get them started. Naturally, Kyflynn and MacLair see the knife fly. Just as it goes into the wall, the duelers vanish!

Moving in hyper-speed, both duelers close in for an impact. Oddly, Kyflynn and MacLair don't attack as they go shoulder-to-shoulder. But, half an inch away, back-to-back, they attack! MacLair backstabs without turning and looking back (Traitorous Backstab), and Kyflynn goes defensive by doing a somersault-and-stab (Cartwheel Thrust). They move away from each other and turn to launch the second round. Blood sprinkles from Kyflynn's slightly grazed cheek and MacLair's shoulder as result.
On to the second clash! This time Kyflynn rotates and flies with a stab, Soulsplitter Drill, and MacLair unleashes a mysterious move. He seems to stab with twin daggers one time, also rotating and flying. Lost souls seem swirling around his body slowly. But the impact is the same. Also comes flashes of uncountable dagger-to-dagger clashes and parries. Actually, the impacts are tip-to-tip with incredible precision. Nevertheless, after the clash both receive damage. Kyflynn gets wounds with dark aura to make them worse, whereas MacLair gets more wounds but less dangerous than Kyflynn's.
The night elf knows that his wounds will rot his flesh, so he moves on to end this duel quickly with the move he never used before, the secret skill, Shadowless Wolf. The effect of supersonic speed makes Kyflynn ghost-like: invisible, harder to hit, and pretty much shadowless.
MacLair, on the other hand, splits himself to countless MacLairs with his final move, Legion of Shadows. These supernatural shadows are barely visible, but move only one hundredth of a second slower than Kyflynn. As written in the book of historic tales and poems Deisaga, Annals of the Paladins many years later, the clash is like...
The Shadowless Wolf sprang onto a legion of shadows with his bare fangs and claws. The legion attacked from everywhere, yet the wolf was swifter still.
Somehow, the wolf smells blood among the shadows, and moved for a kill. But no! He was trapped and deceived so, the shadows surrounded him and there's nowhere to go. The brave wolf rampaged, the shadows scattered, but the true foe parted him his claws.

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