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Monday, May 26, 2008

My Dios' Little Secret

The Little Secrets of the Dios

Oh well, just to satisfy some Mythology lovers out there, here are the derivatives or variants of Dios (Espers, Summons, and Guardian Forces) that exist in the Fantasy World of Eternia in the events of Fireheart compared to the ones in our world.
Here goes:

Yggdrasil the Ancient Tree of Life exists in Thyrine. It’s like the Tree of Life in Norse legend but it’s not the very root of life, just an immense source of nature mana that the Thyrinian Elves use for their magic. Yggdrasil’s spirit can travel and be summoned anywhere.
Masters: Carolyn Deneuve the Elf Queen (Fireheart ep1-2-3)

Barudan is definitely a Behemoth. Behemoth is rather a general term used in many games and fantasy novels.
Masters: J’kang the Orc Khan (ep1), Bragl Dar’gum the Orc Champion (ep3)

Petra, the Ancient Water Dragon is a Leviathan.
Masters: Res’marth the Water Elf Queen (ep1), Hernan y Parvaez (ep3)

Algaban, the Ancient Fire Dragon is a Bahamut.
Masters: Robert Chandler (ep3)

Omegron, the Ancient Dark Dragon is a Tiamat.
Masters: Zal’fira the Necromancess (ep3), Dakronn of Borgia (ep1)

The two-headed Ancient Ice Dragon is Fafnir in Fjorn. Said to be killed by Sigurd in Norse Mythology, but we didn’t cook up his existence in Fireheart yet.

The nine-headed Ancient Light Dragon is in Shima Empire (Japan or Nippon in our world), called Orochi.

Aegis is in fact the spirit inside Zeus’ shield, freed into the form of Thunder Bird.
Aegis is also called Quetzalcouatl in the Southern Vyrcon (America in our world) Continent. The name Vyrcon means “the continent of fire”.
Masters: Sage the Fireheart (ep1), Vivianne (Lust from Seven Sins) (ep2), Carolyn Deveraux (ep3)

Eshmyria is called Kamaitachi (Wind Fairy) in Shima Empire.
Masters: Keith Arnûviel, Elf Bard, The Loremaker (ep1-2), Lavennia Iris (ep3)

Galateia the Goddess of Protection and Mercy is called Kanon in Shima.
Masters: (Divine and her own master, helped occassionally)

Jokulion the Ice Knight Dio is also known as Jormagund in Bjordan and Fjorn. Upper body of a knight and lower body of a snake.
Masters: Hildrgrun the Valkyrie (ep2), Agustina Vyrakova (ep3)

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