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Wednesday, August 13, 2008 Enter: The Queen of Darkness - Part 1

The Succubus Queen. Original Image Source: Naamah by Genzoman Enter: The Queen of Darkness

Back in the Dark Tower Kraal’thragon, in the demonic hell-like throne room, the Archdevil Arachus receives a report from his general, a winged devil with thorns all over his face and body. Arachus looks furious.
‘So you mean, Robert Chandler is now a free man again? Free from the charges of murdering Pope Xylen?’
‘Yes, Sire,’ says the demonic general. ‘I’ve slain the demon that brought this ill tiding, and now I’m waiting for your next instruction.’
‘No, General Tholocaus, you have done enough for now. You may now retire until next summon.’
‘As your command, Milord,’ says Tholocaus, leaving Arachus’ throne room by gliding backwards; his feet don’t touch the floor.
Arachus is back into contemplating when a womanly voice comes.
‘Looks like your plan to make Robert a scapegoat has gone to scrap, Arachus.’
Then a figure comes, walking into the throne room. It’s a scantily clad, winged woman with dense dark aura surrounding her. Her face comes into the dim light – a beautiful face with an evil grin. Her skin is all deathly indigo; her eyes are black with yellowish pupils; two fangs stick out from her blackened lips. Her long, blue hair is flailing like dancing snakes, evoked by her dark aura. She’s a succubus, a she-devil who feeds on lust-generated dark energy.
Arachus snorts, ‘You surely hear things, Archdemoness. How’s your beauty sleep?’
The Succubus Queen - Sketch by vadis
‘Unpleasant, as always,’ says the Archdemoness dryly. ‘I should’ve had company, but it’s hard to find a fine one here in this accursed tower.’
‘In that case you should earn them by scourging other realms. The question is, are you ready?’
‘I won’t say it, but I’ll prove it. Care for a little spar?’
‘A little won’t kill me, but it’ll surely kill my boredom. Let’s!’
The two devils charge into each other in an aerial dogfight. Arachus has immense, brutal power and attacks fiercely with his long deathscythe, Vordac’s Legacy, the Crow. On the other hand, the Succubus Queen attacks with her black claws and she is quicker and more agile than Arachus.
After about a hundred clashes, the Archdemoness accumulates her aura power then unleashes her special attack, the second level of Unholy Seduction: Irresistible Desire. She spirals in mid-air and scratches from every direction. Arachus swings his scythe to block the claws, but the she-devil does a somersault and a scratch, then a double-kick, on and on. Arachus blocks some of the kicks and scratches, but the rest land on his body. With the same energy, her attack doesn’t hurt Arachus much, only minor scratches and pain all over the Archdevil’s body. Then, with another somersault, the succubus lands on the floor.
‘Well, how do you find my Wheel of Pleasure?’ says the Archdemoness mockingly.
Arachus responds, ‘A scratch for my itch, a massage for my back. Now it’s my turn!’
He attacks! He unleashes a big blast of black ray, the Dark Disintegration towards the succubus, who slides aside using her super-speed. The blast misses her by an inch, but it grazes the tip of her wing. The she-devil smiles slyly, but her smile vanishes instantly. Arachus is already behind her! Before the succubus can push herself away from him, Arachus already hugs her, locking his arms through the Archdemoness’ armpits and back of her neck. Then he flies, taking her up to bang her head on the ceiling. About two inches from the ceiling, Arachus rotates in mid-air, kicking the ceiling and dives with double the speed and force to ram the she-devil’s head on the floor.
The Archdemoness shrieks in terror. She doesn’t want to die in her debut after her ‘sleep’. And Arachus comes to an abrupt stop just three inches away from the ground. The two devils just hang in mid-air like being suspended with an invisible thread.
Arachus flips upright and puts his vanquished spar-partner on the floor. Then, he keeps a good distance away from her, anticipating sudden attacks. And he speaks.
‘Well, Archdemoness? Enough for the spar. I see it’s obvious now that I’m still the leader in our attempts to scourge the world – with or without Vordac’s heir. You may be quicker than me, but I’m still more powerful than you.’
‘Indeed, O’ Arachus, my lord. What are your biddings?’ says the Archdemoness, bowing low and kneeling in an absolute submission.
‘I just received word that the Heir is still weak. It’ll take a while more before he can return, so during that time we shall continue to prepare the dark army and eliminate those who have obstructed his way and dangerous to him. Doing so, we shall create chaos and weaken our enemies.’
‘Then I’ll do my part. I’ll gain supporters and open the path for the Heir. I’m sure the Gremion Orcs will love to have larger – and warmer – new territory, also for the goblins and giants there. Just promise them bloodshed, and they will shed their blood willingly for you.’
‘That’s one good plan, Archdemoness, you do that. I’ll do my part too. Firstly, I must get rid of those pesky Champions of Light and the ones who ruined my plans. They must pay, so the world will know that no one messes up with the Dark Forces. Well, by your leave, Archdemoness. I have people to kill.’
Saying so, the blood-red Archdevil spreads his enormous wings and flies away from the throne hall. The Succubus Queen just stands there, staring at Arachus with thoughts in her mind.
Arachus, that fool. He thinks he can lord it over me, eh? Just you wait until my strength is fully restored, and I’ll show you who’s boss. It is I, Vordac’s woman, the Dark Queen.

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