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Friday, August 22, 2008

ElfHunter - Tales of Alterra

Book I: Elfhunter
"Elfhunter," the premier novel in a new and wonderful series by C.S. Marks, is the first of the tales of Alterra, the World That Is. It concerns the adventures of an unlikely pair of heroines, Gaelen and Nelwyn, who are Wood-elves of the Greatwood Forest. They are drawn into a quest to defend all the Elves of Alterra as they seek to destroy the 'Elfhunter', a monstrous entity intent on exterminating the Elves until none remain.

Book II: Fire-heart
In the second of the Tales of Alterra, the World that Is, the Elfhunter has been laid low, but he is not yet vanquished. Now there is a new challenge to be faced; Orogond has sworn on the grave of his father that he will find his wayward brother, Hallagond, and return him to the way of the Light. But Hallagond has been driven forth by shame, and believes that he is unworthy of redemption. The Company is now set upon a path that will take them into unfamiliar, distant lands filled with strange and intriguing people. Not only will they encounter wonders unknown to any in the northern lands, but they must now face a new, incredibly savage enemy. And all the while, Gaelen of the Greatwood is summoning Gorgon Elfhunter to follow after her, for she would lead him into lands where Elves do not venture. Should he find her, even the strength and will of the Fire-heart might not be enough.

Book III: Ravenshade
Gaelen of the Greatwood has taken a desperate chance in placing Gorgon's ring on her own finger. Now there begins a tale of deceit and promise, of courage, betrayal, dark plans and poisonous alliances. Gaelen and Nelwyn have ventured farther from their homeland than any two Wood-elves in reckoning, but their journey now takes them deeper into desolation, forcing a confrontation that may well end in the downfall of the World that Is. At the heart of it all is the Stone of Léir, and the mighty but forlorn spirit trapped within.

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