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Tuesday, September 23, 2008 The Stolen Helmet – Part 2

Caption: This pic looks like Dejan is kickin' Eidos' head from the back...

The Griffin Cliff in Halethia Kingdom is located south of Mount Hvalgarr and east of the capital city, Lu Vazr. A Griffin is a proud, majestic creature of the light side, with head and wings of an eagle and limbs and body of a lion. It’s the embodiment of perfection: strong, agile and intelligent. No wonder the Archangel Avariel placed the Helmet of Truth under their protection for ages.

The airship Aurora enters this vicinity with extreme caution, with guidance from the Yvaisi angels. It floats just above the cliff and takes off again after the champions go down inside the cliff to pick up the second team in Edel.

Lavennia Iris the elf archer walks ahead of the group as usual to avoid conversations with Cristophe, but her ex-boyfriend catches up with her anyway.

‘Ah, here you are, Iris. I couldn’t find you anywhere in the ship. It’s rather boring and lonely without someone to talk to back there.’

Iris replies curtly, ‘I just need to be alone, Chris. Back there and now.’

‘Well, the situation here doesn’t allow us to act individually. Before we reach the griffins, we must face the other inhabitants of this cliff. It looks like a big crack from the airship, but it’s actually a vast chasm. So, I think we’ll have a long walk before we find the sanctuary.

Look, whatever is your feeling right now, we are still friends and team mates, right? And we must convince Adler and Eidos to work together with us despite of our competition.’

Iris is silent for a while, and then she nods, saying,

‘Okay. I agree with the “friends” part. But convincing those two will be difficult as you’re the one who got that,’ pointing at the Shield of Faith on Chris’ hand.

‘I have a way, and we’ll try it when the time is right...,’ says Chris. As he and Iris talks on about it, suddenly Eidos shrieks, ‘MONSTERS!’

The three other champions become alert as they see around them. Coming out from caves and cavities of the cliff are monsters in large numbers: Giant snakes, giant spiders, giant scorpions, even giant rats and giant bats. The whole populations of the chasm are surrounding the champions: no way out and no escape.

Cristophe shouts, ‘Let’s do this like Hvalgarr and Wyrmspine! I take the front, Adler the rear, Iris and Eidos take the sides and support us with magic attacks!’

Chris moves to take his position, but Adler pulls and pushes him to the back, saying, ‘I take no order from you! You guard the back, I’m front!’ To this, Chris only shrugs and plunges his trusty sword Wyrthal into a giant rat.

‘Megalon Zathr!’

Eidos casts Meteor Shower, showering a group of monsters in front of Adler into sitting ducks and roast ducks. The Viscount also sends five razor-sharp energy lines – Fingers of the Blade – to split the disabled monsters and those coming after.

At the back, a giant rat bites Chris’ shoulder, and Iris pokes it with her blow-glaive, killing it. This gives Chris time to concentrate his aura. He chops three monsters off with his Ten Point Chain Slash combo. Iris also attacks with Wind Shear spell to cover Chris’ back.

Suddenly, they hear Adler scream! A giant bat sneaked and perched on his shoulders, ready to bite his head off. He’s too slow and burdened to swing his great sword, but an arrow already goes into the bat’s mouth! The bat stumbles and falls dead. Iris, who shot faster than lightning, quickly turns to face her next opponents.

And they fight on, supporting each other in turns. The monsters begin to dwindle and some even flee at the display of the champions’ awesome powers and skill.

Seeing that, Adler shouts, ‘Now’s the time! Push forward!’

‘W-WAIT!’ Chris protests. ‘They’re still too many! Stay in formation!’

But Adler and Eidos already charge forward. No way will they listen to Chris though they’re in the same team. Chris only shakes his head and charges forward, with Iris following silently, repelling monsters’ attacks from behind. Chris thinks.

Looks like I must be more patient to gain their cooperation. Or I better let him lead, no matter how unwise his instructions are. Ah, now I can say ‘I told you so’.

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