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Friday, February 06, 2009

Ugly Dolls, Babymouse & Tamora Pierce: Peek at NY Comic-Con

new for february!

Graphic Novels: The good, the cute, and the ugly. Plus, a sneak peek at NYC Comic-Con!

THE CITY OF EMBER movie now available on DVD!


Meet Tamora Pierce at NYC Comic-Con 2009!
Tamora will be signing books and answering your questions.

Saturday, February 7th.
Visit Random House Booth #1940 for details.

Tamora will also be participating in the Sci-Fi, Supernatural, and
Fantasy Authors Round Table.

Saturday, February 7th 1:30 p.m.–2:30 p.m.
Room 1A21

Learn about Tamora Pierce's latest book BLOODHOUND


by Erik Craddock

Stone Rabbit is a bored little bunny . But that changes when he finds
himself in a prehistoric world, facing off against vicious
velociraptors, terrifying T. rexes, and a nefarious Neanderthal bent
on world conquest. Will our hero be able to save the past and return
to the present—or will he become extinct?

Buy this book

Watch the STONE RABBIT: BC MAMBO book trailer


by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm

Dust off your dancing shoes. Babymouse and the gang are taking center
stage! Will Babymouse get the lead in the school musical or will
Felicia Furrypaws steal the show?

Buy this book

Watch the Babymouse Classroom Cast


by David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim

Where are Uglys born? Where do they go to school? And what is Big
Toe's Eaty Feed Speeder? Whether you're born in the Uglyverse or plan
on moving there, you'll need THE UGLY GUIDE TO BEING ALIVE AND STAYING THAT WAY to help you navigate life's many Ugly shoals.

Buy this book

Download Ugly banners for your blog at

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1 comment:

L. Clarke said...

FireHeart sounds great, I love good fantasy books. Ridding the land of evil is a great motivation. New comic books are always a must too, thank you for new creations.
I love sci-fi writing and have a book Doom Of The Shem. This novel is a science fiction story that uses a military theme to bring out a gritty futuristic war chronicle, it is easy to read. I have created a small mini environment and it grows on readers as the situation deepens. I think any person who likes science fiction writing and the whole alien species who clash will enjoy this book. It is an in depth view of war with many hand to tentacle fight scenes and various comical twists here and there through the plot which help to develop the characters and their personalities. The main villains are the Shem’s, who are a conquering race of alien invaders. They planet hop to survive and are led by their Supreme Being. He sends a space carrier with a mechanized army of spider tanks and space interceptors to invade the planet involved in this story. He is a gourmet fiend who loves chilled humanoid brains, and so concentrates on their harvest for his tastes and economic interests in their sale on the shelves of the Shem’s supermarkets across a growing commercial and military empire.

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