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Wednesday, March 11, 2009 The Sword of Justice - Part 3

Andreas can’t even reach the handle until he stands on tiptoes. Well, to pull the sword out will be even harder, isn’t it? The sword might make things easy for him, and...

‘Oh, well, despite of your virtues, Excalibur didn’t choose you either. We’ll proceed with the ladies. Perhaps miss... Carolyn can make a difference,’ Avariel says with a polite gesture.

Carolyn moves forward and tries to pull the sword without much effort. The sword won’t budge, and she instantly goes back.

‘Hmm... Perhaps you’d like to give that chance to other people. Your action was admirable, yet you’re meant for something else rather than the sword. Next, Miss Lavennia Iris, please.’

Iris takes her turn. She grabs the sword with two hands and releases it, and then walks back to join Carolyn.

‘What? Giving up without effort? Sure, you’re just helping out. You have sacrificed much, and you tried to make sure the one you’re supporting will have a chance. Maybe you deserve something, but definitely not the Sword of Justice. Oh, well, we have Don Hernan next.’

In spite of his injuries, Hernan tries to take out the sword. The sword doesn’t budge too, so he pumps his aura to the maximum and resumes the pull. Even with the strength to launch top-level skills like Maelstrom Serenade and Symphony of the Seven Seas, Hernan still can’t pull the Sword of Justice out.

Pressing beyond his limits, Hernan hurts himself from the inside. Blood sprinkles from his mouth and nostrils, and on those signs, he stops.

‘Though his efforts are wasted, Don Hernan has made a splendid effort, worthy of his fathomless courage. Alas, the sword didn’t choose him anyway. How about Lord Adler von Bachmann next?’

Before Adler can grab the sword, something electrifies him and pushes him away. Adler immediately knows why – it was the collision between positive and negative auras from the rival swords: Excalibur and Kraal’shazar. He stares at Avariel, and the archangel speaks.

‘Just one question for you: Are you willing to give up the Deathblade, sealed in our custody?’

Adler answers, ‘You already knew my answer since the first time we met. This sword is not as strong as ever without Vordac’s soul in it – it won’t endanger me. So, I’ll keep it and I’m sure I can master it. Two-hand swords are always my specialty, and I won’t give it up for the shorter and smaller one.’

‘If that’s your decision, you may stop. Even if I give you a second try, the result will be the same.’

‘So be it,’ says Adler, turning back.

‘That leaves the two Deverauxes. Well, Alexis, Cristophe, who among you want to try first?’

Cristophe says, ‘Let my brother do it first. He’s the eldest son, so the honor is his all along.’

Alexis responds, ‘It’s up to you, O’ Divine One.’

With a smile, Avariel says, ‘Very well, then. Prince Alexis, it’s your turn.’

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