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Monday, May 11, 2009 The Sword of Justice - Part 4

The Red Prince moves forward and touches the sword with both hands. And then he pulls – the sword won’t budge. Alexis begins to use force – and still no luck. Like Hernan, he then accumulates his aura to maximum. It’s not beyond the level he can bear, but he is already hurt. His face shows that he’s trying to suppress the pain.

He’s trying to let go, but his hands are as though glued on the sword hilt. Excalibur doesn’t resist him – it wants to destroy him!

Seeing that his brother is in danger, Cristophe moves forward, pumps his aura and tries to pull Alexis away from the sword. Avariel shouts,

‘No! Don’t! Let go of him! He must use his own strength! Don’t help him!’

Chris shouts back, ‘But he’s my BROTHER! I’m not helping him to get the sword, but I must save him, no matter what! I can’t afford to lose another family member!’

‘Don’t be a fool, Cristophe! Don’t lose your life for your family’s sake alone! The world needs you!’

‘All my life I’ve been a fool and still I am now. I only know one thing: Save your family first before saving the world. Even if you fail, at least you’ve tried.’

And suddenly, the pressure from the sword stops and the two brothers are thrown back by their own powers. Alexis, instead of thanking him, scolds Chris instead.

‘You fool! What have you done? I almost got the sword, but you came and ruined the whole thing! You have a knack of making my life miserable! First, you lost me my mother, and now this!’

Cristophe talks back, ‘I-was-a-kid! I couldn’t stop her from coming for me, and when she fell I searched for help! Alas, I was too late but at-least-I’ve-tried! I tried to explain that to you but you just won’t listen!

Now I just saved you life, but you just can’t accept the fact that the sword rejected you and blame me instead!? Fine! I won’t try out for the sword if it makes you happy!’

Avariel cuts in between the two brothers’ argument, saying, ‘You still must try for the sword, Cristophe. You owe nothing to your brother and your family. Your mother’s death was not your fault. It was an accident. Even Excalibur appreciated your intention by releasing you and Alexis from death.

Just learn to appreciate Vadis’ will for a change. You have tried to save your family and friends, and now you may try to save the world. Just do it!’

Cristophe hesitates a bit, and then he walks slowly towards the sword. Lots of thoughts are rumbling inside his brain, but at the end he puts all those thoughts away and grabs the hilt of Excalibur, the Sword of Justice.

His mind is at peace. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. He has nothing to lose. All he feels is his right hand pulling the sword out from the crystallite, just as easy as taking it out from a scabbard.

Chris holds the sword in front of him, observing it from hilt to tip. His eyes catch the blade glimmering gently, giving warmth to his heart. He sees a reflection on the blade like a mirror, but it’s not his. It’s a red ponytail-haired man who looks somewhat familiar to Chris, smiling proudly at him. And then it changes into a man with long, untidy red hair wearing a red headband. He also smiles and nods at Chris. Chris nods back at it, and the reflection turns to Chris’ own.

‘Sage the Fireheart, Antoine the Avenger, and all heroes whom this sword aided. May your spirits fortify me, and may Vadis empower me with his blessings,’ says Chris. Then, turning to Avariel and the fighters he raises Excalibur up high and shouts,

‘From now on, I dedicate my life for Vadis. With this sword, I’ll fight evil and injustice, protect the weak and defend the innocent until I die. I might not be able to save them all, but with my comrades’ help at least I try! Praise Vadis the Right Way; let his will shine in this world!’

After delivering his oath, Cristophe floats in mid-air. His armor shatters in pieces from neck to toe. The Armor of Righteousness flies and attaches itself on Chris torso and hands. The Greaves of Diligence suit his feet. The Shield of Faith rests on his hand and lastly, the Helmet of Truth covers his head fully.

Cristophe, the Paladin of Light, the newly elected Heir of Vadis lands on the floor and stands straight. The angels and aelis come to the tower and bow at him. The divis’ songs of praise echo through the hall. All Yvais rejoices.

Andreas, Carolyn and Iris stand in awe of Cristophe, who is now a man, not a fool anymore. Eidos is simply relieved. Hernan claps his hands and cheers, ‘Bravo! Bravo! Very well done, young man!’

Adler can’t believe his eyes. The lad he had underestimated all this time turned out to be Vadis’ heir after all. His own goal, helping his ally Alexis to get the arsenal has gone to dust. He stares at the Red Prince standing not far from him. Strange, Alexis looks calm, not depressed as he should’ve been.

Maybe he finally admits his defeat with a sincere heart.

Maybe he tries to hide his depression and maintain his honor.

Or maybe he’s... No, he can’t be insane. The Red Prince is stronger than that.

Alexis, on the other hand only stares at his brother without moving. His face looks serious like a general planning his next move in battle.


That night, a jubilant feast full of music and fireworks takes place in the floating city, Yvais. All citizens rejoice, partying in the streets and in their homes. The champions and Dejan join Avariel and the high angels in the palace, introducing Cristophe as the new Heir of Vadis to all. Being as modest as ever, Chris only smiles and waves at the audience. The other heroes (except Adler) toast with Chris in the feast that follows, as congratulation.

Even Alexis makes a personal toast with Chris, saying that he’s proud of his younger brother’s achievement. Chris suggests that Alexis should marry Princess Eloise, but as a good brother and an obedient son the Crown Prince declines.

The fighters are about to leave Yvais after the party, and Archangel Avariel gives out some gifts to some of them before parting.

‘Carolyn Deveraux, I give you this Pendant of Preservation with healing powers. You are now gifted in healing as well as attack magic. Father Andreas will teach you the theories, and you’ll practice to reach perfection.

Lavennia Iris, I give you the Ring of Compassion with aura of protection. Use this with white or nature magic to protect your allies in battle.

And lastly, this Bracelet of Courage I give to you, Eidos Crydias. Your courage and your brave but wise decisions will be essential in the future.

One more thing. Cristophe will stay here for a while because I’m going to teach him the skills that come with the Arsenal of Light. He will be better prepared for the many battles ahead and his ultimate mission: to eliminate the Heir of Vordac. And for the rest of you, good luck. Vadis bless you.’

End of Chapter Thirteen

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