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Saturday, March 13, 2010 Rise and Fall of the Paladins - Part 2

Meanwhile, Robert is still fighting on the palace courtyard when suddenly a soldier comes to him, shouting.

‘Sir Robert! Quick! Come back to the palace! Prince Alexis is critical! Please help him!’

‘What?’ says Robert. ‘Can’t you find Father Andreas, Bernides or all other healers? I won’t be of much help there.’

‘I can’t find them. You’re the first one I found. Please, Sir, you go there first. I’ll find them and get them to the Prince. Please hurry! Sir!’
After asking directions to Alexis’ room, Robert immediately darts into the palace.

It must be the big, dark ball from that Arachus. Alexis must’ve been hit by its full force, and is being destroyed from within. All I must do is to force the dark aura out from him, and then the healers can do their work.

Robert asks around while fighting the undead still swarming in the palace. The royal family section of Palace Levides looks deserted as the royal family and Princess Eloise have already escaped through the secret tunnels.

The white-haired Paladin walks alone through the corridor until he arrives at the third room on the left. He knocks the door three times. There’s no answer. This time Rob shouts, ‘Your Highness, it’s me, Robert! Please open this door!’ Still no answer.

Fearing the worst, Robert draws his saber, Grimlock. He pushes the door open with a jerk and quickly moves inside.


He can’t believe his eyes. There, in Alexis’ room, dead people lay scattered. Two soldiers were slain.

Who killed these men? And... How about Alexis? Oh, no!

There, on the bed, lays Alexis Deveraux the Red Prince. Dead.

He wears no armor, and his body is full of wounds. The biggest wound is right in the middle of his torso, still bleeding. A sword is sticking into that wound. To Robert’s dismay, it’s his father’s kiliji!

No... My father’s sword... How can that be? Isn’t it safe in the Melchior Safehouse vault? Ah, this is a set-up! I must get the sword off him before anybody else finds out!

Just as Robert is about to remove the sword from Alexis’ body, suddenly a soldier rushes in. That soldier is stunned for a moment and then shouts, ‘MURDER! MURDERER! Robert Chandler killed Prince Alexis!’

Robert is most shocked. He’s too late! The trap was set so perfectly, leaving no room for him to do anything to avoid it. Speedily, Robert takes the sword out from Alexis’ body and chases that soldier. Just then five soldiers run along the corridor to intercept him.


Robert used to stop and explain things out to avoid conflict, but this time he just keeps running with his two swords ready. The soldiers also attack him, but all five of them soon fall over. They’re not dead but knocked out at the worst, because Robert hit them with the blunt and flat blade parts of his swords – just like what he did to escape from Vochaux Prison.

Two soldiers get up and chase him. Robert keeps on running away, out of the corridor and towards any terrace. He divides his mind on making his way through the undead and escaping the soldiers chasing him, shouting, ‘CATCH THAT MURDERER, ROBERT CHANDLER! HE’S A TRAITOR! VORDAC’S HEIR!’


Soon, more and more soldiers are after him. Robert now blocks the soldiers too. Overwhelmed, he calls for his guardian.

Algaban! Help! Save me!
What’s wrong, Robert?
I was framed! They think I’m the Heir who killed Alexis! Meet me up in the courtyard terrace!
Which one?
I don’t know, just look around! I need to get out from here...
Suddenly a dagger comes in front of Robert’s throat.

‘Did you do that?’ says a voice.
‘No, I didn’t, Kyflynn.’
‘My thoughts exactly,’ says the dark elf, putting his dagger away, now running along with Robert.

‘Tell Tina, Desmond and the Lorean Knights to escape too, or we’ll going to be in deep trouble.’
‘Got ya, Rob. One more thing.’
‘What’s that?’
‘I trust you.’
‘Thanks, Flynn. You’re a great friend.’

And Kyflynn leaps upwards, vanishing in hyperspeed.

Robert runs and fights on until he finds a doorway to outside, stacked full with undead and soldiers still fighting. So, Rob swings his two swords forward. He pumps his aura and jumps high and far using the skill Green Dragon Assault Strike. He reaches the terrace as he comes down. Robert redirects his fall by attacking a group of ghouls and severing them all without hurting the soldiers.

Algaban, I’m here. Where are you?

What? I can’t see you in this terrace! Another terrace, maybe? I’m coming!

That means Robert must wait, and the undead aren’t letting him do nothing. So, he just shoots them with a long-range attack with two swords: Crossfire Slash. The shot splits and burns the foes. However, another wave of undead comes to Robert.


Oh, no, the chasers again. I should’ve killed and silenced them, but whatever I do, it’ll only make things worse.

Robert chooses to ignore the soldiers and attacks the undead instead. Seeing his action, the soldiers hesitate a bit. They just think that this traitor doesn’t want to kill them, then why he killed Alexis? Personal vendetta, maybe? But in this time of chaos? Killing a fellow Paladin fighting on the same side? That just don’t make sense.

Before the soldiers even make up their mind, someone breaks through their ranks and shouts before Robert.

‘Turn around, Robert! You murderer! Turn and fight me!’

Robert chops a skeleton’s skull and turns. It’s Adler, challenging him.
‘This time I’ll capture you, dead or alive!’

Saying that, Adler attacks Rob with his skill, Fingers of the Blade. Robert blocks it with the random multislash, Dances of Myriad Dragons. The three swords, Grimlock, Kraal’shazar and Rob’s kiliji clash, emitting spectacular flashes of energy that sever the mindless undead nearby.

And then, Adler suddenly changes his blow to Singular Voice of Truth. Before he thrusts forward, a serial hit blocks and diverts his sword away. Adler spins once and just stands in balance when he sees Don Hernan y Parvaez standing between him and Robert Chandler, pointing the Albatross Rapier at him.

‘What’s the meaning of this, Don?’ shouts the Viscount.

The Don replies, ‘You may not lay a finger on him. I don’t think he murdered Alexis.’


Suddenly, a gust of wind drives all the combatants away! Everybody looks up, and there she is, Algaban the gigantic dragon landing on the courtyard. Seeing this, Robert immediately jumps, climbs and rides on dragonback. With a jerk, the dragon lifts up with her passenger and flies away quite fast. No one in the courtyard dare to attack or shoot this ancient beast, and they just let the fugitive fly away with her, up, up to the sky until they see them no more.

Adler just grits his teeth, turns to Hernan standing by his side and says coldly, ‘You and I are no longer partners. Now, you are my enemy!’


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