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Friday, July 03, 2009 The Last Embrace - Part 1


Even a devil has his day. The Last Embrace

It’s been two months since the King of Lore received a letter from the Emperor of Arcadia that they have chosen the Prince who will marry Princess Eloise Galford. However, the elected Prince is now in training full-time. So, the Royal House of Lore has time to prepare the wedding ceremony until further notice.
For Robert Chandler, this waiting and preparing period is like a torture inside. For six weeks since his arrival back in Lore, he has been avoiding Eloise and busies himself preparing security, training guards on the outskirts of the city of Alceste.
Kyflynn, Desmond and Agustina do some hunting for the Harbinger Guild in Alceste. Their occasional visits to Robert’s encampment are a cure to loneliness and an assurance of their commitment to Robert as partners.
A week has passed since their last visit and no word from them. They’re maybe on a mission, so I better fill my head with my task.
The people of Lore are really looking forward to this marriage. Look at all these conscripts, all spirited and fully motivated. So, they indirectly motivated me too.

Now Robert is preparing tomorrow’s training program, based on his experience as a soldier and a bounty hunter. With adequate knowledge of carrying out tactics and fighting techniques, he hopes that the conscripts, along with the seasoned soldiers he hand-picked will become strong elite soldiers under his command. Robert’s best friend in the Order of the Lions, Sir Vincent the Raging Bull is giving him some pointers.
The silver-haired knight works until late at night when a soldier comes into his tent, saluting.
‘Sir Robert, a mysterious person wearing a cloak asked me to give you this letter bearing an insignia of the Royal House of Galford.’
‘Very well,’ says Robert. ‘Leave it on the table and I’ll see to it. Is there anything else you want to report?’
‘No, Sir. But, if I may boldly say, please have a rest for the night and take care of your health, Sir.’
‘Ooh, is that so? Thank you very much for your concern. Now you may return to your post.’
The soldier salutes again, and then walks out from the tent.
Well, I must admit, he’s right. Let’s call it a day. Hmmm... Maybe after checking this letter out first. Maybe it’s from the King.
Robert opens the envelope and reads the letter.

Dear Robert,
I know what’s happening here and the reason you’re avoiding me for six weeks now. However, no matter how much I understand your feelings, that much also is my longing for you.
Please, Robert. I need nothing more from you except to see you, to talk with you one last time. Please, if you do love me, meet me in the Royal Orchard at midnight. I’ll wait for you each and every day until you come.
I’m dying each day without you, and only you can save me.
With love, Elaine.

Elaine... Eloise’s name when in disguise. Should I meet her, or should I not? Oh, well, I’d better settle this matter once and for all, not just hiding and waiting.

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