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Thursday, June 21, 2007 Oh, To Be a Pirate (Part Two)

By morning, the La Partizane is now miles away from the Port City of Vochaux. And it’s impossible to be caught now, no matter how fast the pursuing ship is.

This makes the captain, Sheena Mekh’ta feel secure enough to confer with her ‘lieutenants’ about the next plans in the conference cabin.

Now, as per your commitment, Sheena, we all sail to Lore with all haste,’ says Robert. ‘Remember your first promise.’

The Bladedancer answers, ‘Oh, yes, Robert, I remember it clearly. Our first trip is to Lore... eventually. The problem is, we have to refinance and restock before we can go there. We just stole the ship, and we didn’t have time to buy provisions. And judging from the stock here, the provisions will only last for three days or so.’

Zachary adds, ‘I must admit Sheena’s right, because I also checked it myself. We must replenish or perish.’

Robert sighs, and then concludes, ‘If that’s the case, aye then, we’ll restock. But the problem is, where can we buy the stock? I’m sure no decent port will take money from a pirate.’

Sheena says, ‘No need to worry, Robert. I’ll work something out every time we reach port. Anyway, I know a black market port well-hidden in the Isles of Flamenca, so that solves the first problem.

But the second problem arises: We don’t have enough money to buy provisions. I’ve spent almost all the money we got from Robert’s bounty and our coffers to recruit my crews, buy skiffs and prepare for escape. I intended to use the rest to buy provisions, but alas, Zach’s rescue raised an unexpected expense, so here we are, practically broke.’

Baxter adds, ‘So, in order to make money, we must do what pirates do: piratin’! Let’s hope there are merchant ships around. We’ll board ‘em, grab ‘em loots, spill ‘em blood and guts, sink ‘em ships and sail away rich.’

I’ll drop the spill blood and sink ships part, but I don’t have much choice for the rest, right?’ says Robert. ‘All right then, I’ll go along.’

So it’s settled then,’ says Sheena. ‘We’ll set sail to Flamenca, and let’s hope we run into a rich merchant ship along the way.’

I prefer sea monsters, Robert thinks.

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