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Sunday, August 01, 2010

FireHeart Paladins Walkthrough - Chapter Six Part 2

Yggdrasil Forest (Outskirts)

Since this is going to be a long path ahead, I’ve closed the “wrong roads” with roadblocks. So, simply follow the path all the way down until you find a cave entrance and go in there.

Yggdrasil Keeper’s Cave

In this scene, you see an old man being surrounded by a group of satyrs (they’re actually centaurs, but maybe I’ll change them into satyrs or make/find a centaur spriteset if I have time). Just ignore the satyr on the left and just “touch” the right one to fight the centaurs.

After that, walk up and the old man will thank you, providing you with information about the current situation and give you a quest. It’s a mainstream quest, so you just move on with the storyline.

Exit the cave, move to the bottom left corner and SAVE YOUR GAME before crossing the bridge. Cross the bridge, and the scene automatically changes into...

Yggdrasil Forest (Inner)

You’re controlling Chris alone again, and this time Chiel the little helper catches up and joins him.

Go all the way down, save your game every so often and save again for sure near the healing crystal before moving on to the bottom and right. The enemies might be too tough with Chris alone for attack. Go right through a narrow path, and a cutscene ensues, followed by a series of battles with the Forest Imps.

After the first battle, two people join to help Chris: Lavennia Iris the elf archer and Adler von Bachmann the Borgian knight specializing in 2-hand greatswords.

You’ll fight four or five more Forest Imp troops non-stop until Rob’s group arrives.

The heroes then talk and Adler leaves the party (“to go back to Freidle”). It’s now five people (and a micha) in the group, yet the game script only allows four per active party, so for now on you can change active party members by keeping and using the [Party Changer Log Book] item.

Select the item from the [Items] menu to activate, choose add or remove party members, select the member in the party to be changed (remove) and select the standby (available in the menu choice) ones in the roster to join your active party (add).

If you select more than 4 members, the 5th will be included in the party but won’t be active in battles, wont’ receive [EXP] experience points and potentially can trigger a bug – which I haven’t tried or able to figure out the solution yet, fearing the risk. I suggest you stay with the Chris – Rob – Carol – Paolo combination and you might want to use Iris more often later in the next chapter.

Now that a problem is resolved, what remains is the mission they must do now here and another one in the place far, far away. So, as the story goes (game version), the heroes choose to finish up here first.

Mission: Roots and Branches of Evil – Mainstream

As the old elf Palamural informed, it’s now time for you to move on with the quest at hand. Move right from the imp battles site and go up the road, and you’ll find the first crystal. Touch it, it’ll disappear and the second crystal emerges somewhere.

Just follow the sequence to unlock the fourth, final crystal at the eastern edge of Inner Yggdrasil Forest (which actually is a roadblock and – in reality – an illusionary barrier to keep people from going in and out to the core of the forest, the Tree of Life Yggdrasil itself).

Done with the first crystal, now you follow the road all the way up and exit the map into...

Yggdrasil Forest – Outer

Move on and on eastwise. Follow the road up until you find a river. You’ll see an odd appearance of a horse in the water (make sure Cristophe is in your active party). Don’t worry, it’s not a bug. But if you don’t save your game first before “touching” it, that’s a reason to be worried because it’ll trigger a mini-battle with a Kelpie (just like in section 1 – Way to Freidle) only this time it’s alone. And as before, he’s not too tough so just consider this as a bonus.

Go down the road and you’ll see the second crystal glowing like the first one. Touch it, and now you have to detour all the way to Yggdrasil Keeper’s Cave to trigger the third crystal. Observe the road for opened paths and disappearing road blocks, and fight the centaurs (or satyrs) on the left in the cave to reach that crystal. Once you touch it, the final, fourth crystal will disappear.

Exit to Outer Yggdrasil, go all the way to the right and exit through the lower right corner of the map, and you arrive at the right side section of Inner Yggdrasil. Just follow the road until you come to the bottom right corner, save your game, replenish your entire party’s HP and MP, move up the road and you’ll in for a surprise battle with:

MINI-BOSS: Cyclops

Okay, so this monster is meant to add some game time, and I’ll add two forest trolls (popular demand) in the next version. After defeating the cyclops, just proceed along the road and exit right into the next area.

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