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Thursday, November 18, 2010

FireHeart BASH! Demo Version 1 Released!


WHEW! After some time making it, finally, it's VadisGames' 2nd RPG Maker game!
Well, it's not really a RPG, but a casual game for fun-seekers. This DEMO version is actually a finished form, with some spaces spared for additions later. Haven't been fully beta-tested, so if you should find a bug, please inform me!
Thank you for downloading, and have a great BASH! - Andry Chang

Save Falambum Vale! It's being converted into the Theme Park of Evil by a greedy developer Zal'fira the Necromancess and her pet Tiamat Dragon, Omegron. As Cristophe, you play your way to confront this diabolical robber baron-ess through tons of mind-boggling and luck-testing mini-games. In short, just enjoy the ride in FireHeart BASH!

It's a collection of mini-games from FireHeart - Legend of the Paladins series
and to be applied in future VadisGames projects. Also derived some mini-games from other makers with a credit to them.

Features - Mini-Games Collection:

- Horse Race:
It's actually a derivation of Snake-Ladder game, utilizing luck through
dice-throwing actions. Well, animals are unpredictable, you know.

- Rock-Paper-Scissors:
Five-Level Duels to gain honor as champion!
Remember, Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cut Paper, and Paper covers Rock.

- Memory Lane:
A memory tester game. Select two identical images to gain points as quickly as possible.

- Shooting & Fishing Game:
Shoot or fish as many targets as possible in the given time. Beware, don't let them shoot you back!

- Galasin:
Derived from Indonesian traditional game, all you have to do is to reach for the goal by going through obstacles.

- Casino Games:
Test your luck by playing "Big or Small" and "Pea Guess" games.
Roulette? Too difficult to win. Poker? Anyone has made it?


FireHeart BASH! Game Credits:
Engine: RPG Maker VX

Vadis for music and graphics, sprites
Enterbrain for music, graphics,
sprites and basic scripts.

Moghunter, KGC and Claimh
Graphics & Sprites:
Pine, Antares, PainHurt etc

Kuro Creator: Rock-Scissors-Paper & MemoryLane

Music: Many people

SpaceBar: ACTION button
Keypad: Move your character
X/Esc: Opens main menu
Shift+Keypad: Dash

So, what are you waiting for? Download the game by clicking below:

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