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Friday, October 23, 2015

FireHeart Legacy Book One - Legend of the Paladins

FIREHEART Legend of the Paladins (FireHeart Legacy Book #1)
Author: Andry Chang
Robert Chandler had a tough life. A band of orcs ravaged his village, taking everything from him: his family, friends and all. Moved by compassion, Adamar Walthorn, a nobleman took Robert as his disciple. So the boy endured harsh trainings and lessons to be a soldier.
Upon reaching adulthood, Robert was tangled in a forbidden love. In order to be with his beloved, he must perform great deeds... breaking the rules if necessary. When duty called, Robert never expected his mission to be of great importance. The Empire of Arcadia stormed Lore and besieged its capital, Alceste. Will Lore defend its sovereignty? Can Robert save his homeland?
As a carefree, foolish young man, Cristophe never expected his profession as a monster hunter to be filled with dangerous, life-threatening adventures. So he put his life at stake every day, fighting fierce, tough monsters and quarries.
Destiny tied Cristophe with new friends and companions, including Robert Chandler. As finale, they undertook a secret mission to foil the Dark Forces’ plan to resurrect their fallen master. Will Cristophe and the heroes overcome all obstacles and challenges, thus discover their true destinies?

Come forth, Paladins! Fulfill your destiny!

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