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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Xenoslaive Overdrive - NoMercy Mode Clear



 While we are in bullet-hells, I decided to make some footage from this
newly made and great game. "Xenoslaive Overdrive" is the game available
on Steam in which you must save the world and stop Earth invasion. Game
is awesome, has many unique boss fights and the appearance of it is just
brilliant. I hope you'll enjoy the game and my play ^^

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Overdrive is full of challenges here. I doubt if it's possible to beat
on the first try. At least, I had to try really hard on Hard mode, and
then on No Mercy one. But that doesn't mean it's unfair, impossible, or
you won't enjoy it. Nothing of that.

The game is very, very well done - graphics, game mechanisms, ending at bullet patterns which are beautiful.
you are flying with a ship who has two types of shot - straight shot
when unfocused, homing when focused. Very fragile, but the tiny hitbox
is your friend, like in every game of this type. Plus, you get
rechargeable bombs, so in danger you can use it.

We get six
stages to beat, many bosses that will prevent you from winning, and much
fun with doing all those pretty patterns. Because each boss is unique,
you'll need some time to get used to their attacks, trust me. You won't
beat it on the first time, but - it's the pure essence of bullet-hells!
[copy of my Steam review, don't blame me for laziness... xd]

Steam link to this game:

Just sit and watch my play! Enjoy! ^^

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