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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lavennia Iris the Elf Enchantress

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Class :

Ranger + Enchanter, Bard, Archer + Guardian = Nature Paladin

Race : Elf

Nation : Thyrine

Best Weapon :

Wysteria (Yggdrasil’s Bark) Longbow, Elven Kris Dagger, Small Harp

Best Armor : Enchanted Green Dancer’s Dress with Enchanted breastplate, shoulder & arm braces, and enchanted long boots.

Guardian :

Yggdrasil, The Guardian Force Of Nature

Eshmyria, The Guardian Force Of Wind

Skills / Spells :

Yggdrasil’s Enchantments :

- Nervatr / Omninervatr : Single / Mass Protection against magical attacks and effects, effect lasts for a full day (approx. 24 hours).

- Yggfhylshazar : Sharpen and toughen weapons and armor

- Nur Halizei : Cure Poison

- Yggseimathu : Regenerate and heal wounds in a quickened natural way.

Eshmyria’s Spells :

Eshmyr : Wind Slash

Eshmyriad : Hurricane

Raduyev Eshmyriad : Typhoon

An Eshmyria Aschi : Summon Eshmyria

Rota Vaishazar : Twister Tempest

An Eshmyr Guilarr Aschi : Summon Wind Elemental

Description :

A typical show-off and a bit flirty (but is steady with one boyfriend at a time). Being an 80-year old elf on her first appearance in this story, Lavennia Iris acts bossy and show-off her talents to influence people and gain respect, because she doesn’t get it in Thyrine. She looks like a teenage elf, a bit under 16 in human age reckoning, but she already gets the thirst and hunger for adventure. She gets bored easily over monotonous works.

What she really seeks in life is love, which is rather seldom happening among fair Thyrinian elves.

Tarot Sign : Temperance


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