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Friday, November 17, 2006

FireHeart Saga Project - Author's Note

Project Overview and Description:

FireHeart Project is an epic fantasy romance intended to reach mainly young-adult readers (age 12 and up) and readers of all ages. The series are mainly about heroism, love and how the power of love can conquer evil – in a supernatural manner.

The first written episode of the series is not Episode 1, but FireHeart Episode 3 – Legend of the Paladins. The first mainstream storyline is about the forbidden love between the soldier, Robert Chandler and the princess, Eloise Galford. Robert must also face two other men, the brothers who compete to marry Eloise. The second storyline is about the return of Vordac the Dark Lord and the gathering of paladins to vanquish him once again, once and for all. Can love, justice and righteousness prevail over evil again?

The readers of FireHeart novels will be thrilled and made curious of many things: Who’s the real culprit behind all the chaos? Will the lovers unite at last or trapped in a more complex chain of attractions? Will the heroes win or fail – even lose their lives? Will the evil be vanquished at last, or will it leave more problems in the future? And the readers will also be greatly entertained with a healthy dose of unorthodox action, fighting and battle scenes and educated by a bit of philosophy and poetry, how people act in various situations and what being mature is all about. After reading this book, the reader will get a better picture of what’s the difference between a child and a mature (grown up) person and be motivated to be mature and positive-minded and not be afraid to lose all the fun when we are grown up. Grown up people can have decent fun too.

In comparison with the famous fantasy genre titles like Lord of the Rings, Narnia, works of David Edding and Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini, FireHeart is unique in every aspect of its making. The elements of the story comprises a blend of: Europe-like background in medieval settings, Japanese anime-manga style, action role-playing games-like puzzles and story mechanics and fighting scenes greatly influenced by Chinese Kung-Fu novels and comics. So, this novel is the writer’s rather ambitious project to make an ideal fantasy novel, or in other words, ‘the mother of all fantasy.’ Like Narnia, this novel uses simple and easily understandable English, but with modern speech, feel and character interactions like Xena the Warrior Princess and A Knight’s Tale (starring Heath Ledger).

About the Author:

Andry Tanuwijaya (pseudonym : Andry Chang), an Indonesian, is a freelance translator. He began making cartoons since elementary school, and his comic strips and cartoons were first published in high school magazines. Being adept in English language in his work, and his liking to comics, role-playing games, novels and classic literatures, Andry made his first novel, FireHeart – Legend of the Paladins Book One from January 2005 to April 2006. He actively made short stories and poetries ever since, and all of them were published in his weblog. Now he is writing the second book of The Paladins trilogy, Masks of the Soul.

Andry Chang
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