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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Andreas Marvellini the Priest - Characters

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Class : Priest + Guardian = Wisdom Paladin

Race : Dwarf

Nation : Grad – Valanis

Best Weapon : Healers’ Axe-Staff of Gloria Vadis

Best Armor : Robe Of Holy Light – the Vadis Priests’ uniform

Guardian : Galatea the Protector (in holy energy that empowers spell only)

Skills / Spells :

- Vitali : Heal

- Viavitali : Great Heal

- Omnivitali : Mass Heal

- Galatr : Protect

- Omnigalatr : Mass Protect

- Delmetr : Dispel Magic

- Omnidelmetr : Mass Dispel

Description :

Fatherly and good natured, this elderly dwarf always says, ‘It’s hard being a nice guy, but I like being nice and I like hard work, so there’s no problem.’

His love for family and his determination to help people with the craft he does best: healing collides with his brethrens’ principles and belief, so he learnt Vadisian and came back to his homeland with a new faith. His mission to bring cure and salvation to his people will cause him to do so many sacrifices: separated with his family, scorned by his brethrens, prosecuted by the leaders, and who knows what else next.

In spite of his sufferings, he stays calm and cheerful as usual. He is the ‘father’ of his hunting party. He cools things down when his much younger partners begin to heat up and quarrel with each other, with witty advices and sometimes mild jokes.

His dwarf name (real name) is Rollo Bigstumble. He has a wife, Uli Nockimble and two children, Ivor Bigstumble and Eni Bigstumble.

Ivor Bigstumble is also known as ‘Ivor the Beardless’, the one and only beardless dwarf warrior in Grad, and (because of that) is the most handsome dwarf in Grad in his time.

His weapon is a hammer "Haerkjeld", a gift from the Dwarven King (Grand Trow) Haägi Thornhelm.

He’s hardheaded but can be easily influenced by the person he respects.

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