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Monday, May 07, 2007 Plans for Defense Part 01

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Fulfilling promises is yet another virtue of Robert Chandler the Orcbane, as he proves it by guarding Pope Xylen in Valanis from assassination. The other champions, Kyflynn, Desmond, Agustina, Adler, Hernan, Eidos and Prince Alexis also fulfilled their promise to guard Xylen, but only for three days.

At the fourth day, one by one the champions take their leave with the Pope’s consent. Only Robert remains in Ascension with his companions, Cristophe, Carolyn, Andreas and Iris. They resolved to stay in Valanis until the Valanisians finished strengthening their defenses.

In order to do so, The Valanisian authorities employ more armed guards and about six hundred mages coming from the cities of Encanta and Pervilon just for a sole purpose: defending the last and center of the Light Side against Vordac’s heir and his army of darkness.

As the sixth day arrives, Robert finds himself a bit tired from lack of sleep. Nevertheless, he spares time to observe his surroundings, collecting information to formulate a decision.

Whew! I’ve never seen such formidable defense in my whole life! Mages and guards in every corner, dark aura detectors, magical booby-traps, enchanted mirrors, gargoyles on the roofs... even Prince Alexis also sent some griffin riders to patrol the skies. Neither nook nor cranny misses their sight.

Even the Pope’s bedroom is reinforced with the best devices, three times more powerful than the rest. Her door is magically locked, only the Pope herself can open it. No assassin, neither the legendary MacLair nor his rival Kyflynn can sneak into this one, and six hundred trained mages can overcome an army of ten thousand men!

I guess my job here is done, then. Carolyn is now in perfect health and fit for a long trip, so we’ll stay one more night here as thanks to the Valanisians for saving Carol, and we’ll be off by tomorrow morning and go to Lore, to my homeland, to my beloved, Eloise...

Robert is startled by that thought. He lets his mind drifting again along that sweet memory, and makes another resolve.

Alas, I never had a chance to explain this to Carol. She’s so cheerful and loyal, this knowledge will only break her heart, and parting will be certain. Maybe she’ll understand someday. Anyway, she’s acting normal nowadays, treating me only as a friend and a partner to argue with.

Oh, Eloise, wish you can see my friends. I don’t really mind if you choose another man suitable to your stature, but since you’ve decided to wait for me, I’ll try my best until our paths meet again. Either I become a duke or you give up your royal status for a simple life with a vagabond like me. We’ll hunt monsters together, or better still, have a home, kids, family, a farmland full of golden corns, wheat and apple trees. We’ll live happily ever after, just like in the tales.

As he made up his mind, Robert goes to the dormitories to meet his friends. He waits in Carolyn’s room until all his friends gather there and tells them about his decision to leave Valanis. They readily agree with Robert.

‘Yes, they’ve put the heaviest defense in the world in this place, even Vordac himself will have a hard time breaking it,’ says Andreas.

‘But we better talk this over with Pope Xylen before we go. I’m sure she’ll listen to our reasons and she’ll understand.’

Chris adds, ‘Yes, we can’t go on staying in one place. We can still be out there helping people in need, and search for clues about the heir in unexpected places.’

Carol also comments, ‘I’m in perfect health now and ready to go. I’ll help, I won’t be a burden.’

‘Besides,’ says Iris. ‘The monster that really bothers us is called “boredom”, and it’ll diminish our morale before long.’

‘So, what are we waiting for?’ says Robert. ‘Let’s go to Pope Xylen now.’

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