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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Summons, Demigods and Dios - Index

Jokulion the Retaliator - Ice Guardian


List of Summon-able Guardian Spirits, Demigods and Dios

Dios are the demi-godly beings of immense strength and powers, more powerful than natural and magical beings, and lesser than gods. Many of them still exist in Eternia, and the rest are Guardian Spirits who can be summoned via portals from the other worlds – and re-exist in Eternia as spirits.

Some of the dios serve the gods naturally and hyperons that opposed and fought against the gods but got banished, sealed, converted or subdued by the gods. In this case, for example, Vadis subdued Dio Algaban, raised Dio Aegis from Zeus' Aegis Shield and Adair banished Vordac and reduced him into a dio for treason.

The ground rule is: One dio can't be in two separate places, so he will fight for the one he has chosen. Spirit-formed dios reside in magically powerful things or spirit orbs before they are found by the worthy masters. For example: Dio Aegis floated in form of a lightning spirit orb before Carolyn found it and became Aegis' new summoner.

Index of Summon-able Dio Appearing in FireHeart Saga:

  1. Algaban the Ancient Red Bahamut (Dragon, Living, Grade A)
  2. Omegron the Ancient Black Tiamat (Dragon, Living, Grade A)
  3. Petra the Ancient Blue Leviathan (Dragon, Living, Grade A)
  4. Barudan the Ancient Green Behemoth (Dragon, Living, Grade A)
  5. Yggdrasil the Tree of Life (Nature Treant, Living, Grade A)
  6. Aegis the Thunderbird (Lightning Phoenix, Spirit, Grade B)
  7. Jokulion the Retaliator (Ice Guardian, Spirit, Grade B)
  8. Eshmyria the Fanmaiden (Wind Dryad, Spirit, Grade B)
  9. Baal the Hellfire Efreet (Fire Genie, Spirit, Grade B)
  10. Asythoret the Fallen Angel of Death (Dark Angel, Spirit, Grade B)
  11. Dagon the Mount Stumbler (Earth Titan, Spirit, Grade B)
  12. Galateia the Preserver (Holy Valkyrie, Spirit, Grade B)
  13. Nervalii the Multiplier (Psyche Deity, Spirit, Grade B)
  14. Feynor the King of the Wild (Beast Nature Wolf, Spirit, Grade B)
  15. Svida the Wishgranter (Water Djinn, Spirit, Grade B)

Index of Demigods (Un-summon-able Dios) in FireHeart Saga:

  1. Vordac the Dark Overlord (Dark God, Spirit in FH2-3, Grade Demigod)
  2. Archangel Avariel the Lightbringer (Archangel, Living, Grade Demigod)
  3. Archdevil Arachus the Hellblighter (Archdevil, Living, Grade Demigod)
  4. Guth the Naturebender (Mother of the Mutants, Living, Grade Demigod)
  5. Frei Val'shka the Frost Queen (Ice Goddess, Spirit, Grade Demigod)
  6. Kraal the Lord of Death (Lich King, (Unknown), Grade Demigod)

(More Summons Coming Shortly)

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