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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Monstropedia Eternia - vol. 02

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List of Monsters and Magical Beasts
Described in FireHeart Novels
Part 02

Level A (Humanoid Race)
Element: All, mostly Earth and Fire
Alignment: Neutral – Chaotic – Warlike
Usually found in: Gremion (Realm of Orcs), Sylvania and throughout Aurelia
Orcs are a humanoid variation race with greenish, brownish or grayish skin. Their intelligence is slightly inferior to humans but they cover it with superior strength. Their faces are like boars with tusks protruding from their overlarge mouths, and short-boar-snout-like noses. Some orcs do have superior intelligence, and they mostly serve or lead as shamans and army officers. They organize their people as tribes, and sometimes several or many tribes unite as a nation ruled by a Khan. Chieftains are known with a title Bragl, and the superior orcs (in intelligence and/or strength) are usually called ‘Uruk-hai’.
Orcs are usually well-versed with Aurelian Common Speech as well as their own harsh language that mostly sounds like grunts and growls, but they always speak in harsh slangs and sarcasms, and only believe that they can only control or lead others by power and out of fear. Female orcs only choose those who are fearsome and strong (because no orc is fair – as a matter of fact). No wonder male orcs sometimes kill each other to get the female and to show who’s the strongest.

Level D (Humanoid Mutant)
Element: Physical, Beastly
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Lore, Regia, Escudia-Corazon, Arcadia, Wardstone, Borgia
A humanoid monster with a dog’s head and tail along with human limbs and torso. It has low intelligence and has instincts like most common dogs. They attack with fierce strength and speed.

Giant Mantis
Level C (Giant Insect)
Element: Physical, Beastly
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Anywhere throughout Aurelia, an uncommon mutant species.
Description: (as in the novel)
As he turns his head, suddenly he is greatly shocked at the sight of a gigantic moving form with big, round eyes like a fly’s; and the snappers on its two front legs look like overlarge scythes. The man is horrified, and starts to shiver. The monster looms closer to him and the faint moonlight from outside the cave shows its original form – a giant mantis. The giant mantis swipes its left snapper at the man; it misses his head about an inch.

Level C (Humanoid Giant)
Element: Physical, Earth or Nature
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Western parts of Aurelia, an uncommon humanoid species.
Description: (as in the novel)
Trolls are giants with large ears and noses. They exist in three types: Forest Trolls (who live in the forests with greenish skins), Mountain Trolls (common trolls) and Rock Trolls (with all-stone tough skin).
Trolls like fish the most, although some of them eat men. Proceed with caution. These creatures are dim-witted, but they’re very brutal. And Forest Trolls can regenerate and heal their wounds. But they can only heal one wound at a time, so attack quickly and inflict fatal wound as soon as possible.
Attack the trolls in broad daylight, because they are the strongest at night. But they’re never weak, only dumb. If you’re not strong enough to confront them frontally, use your wit and speed.

Flobber (Jelly Monster)
Level E
Element: Water (Solid Jelly)
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Western parts of Aurelia, a common species.
Description: (as in the novel)
Flobber is another name for Jelly Monster. A term widely used by hunters because of the jelly-ish substance they found in it – The Flob or Jelly Core. Flobber is a low level monster.

Forest Imp
Level D
Element: Physical, Beastly
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Yggdrasil’s Forest and the Black Forest of Terranova
Forest Imps are monkey-like monsters with odd-shaped faces and ears, large mouth, sharp fangs, and abnormally long tails and tongues. Their tails are extremely useful to hang on trees, catch their preys and strangle them to death, and move from a tree to another. They’re carnivorous and very savage. They prey on anything or anyone as long as it’s fleshy, and tend to be cannibals when food is very scarce.

Level C (Humanoid Mutant)
Element: Physical
Alignment: Neutral
Usually found in: Western parts of Aurelia, an uncommon humanoid species.
Gnolls are brutal half-human monsters with heads like horses. They are superior to kobolds because they can somehow use simple techniques in their attacks.

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