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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Monstropedia Eternia Vol. 01


For FireHeart Project – A Study

By Andry Chang

List of Monsters and Magical Beasts

Described in FireHeart Novels

Part 01


Level B (Magical Monster - Physical)

Element: Dark

Alignment: Evil

Usually found in: Sylvania, Regia, Terranova, Gremion


A harpy is a beastly woman with enormous wings as hands. Its lower body is covered with fur and comprises of a pair of bird talons and feet and a bird tail. Its face is beautiful or birdlike – downright hag-like – and its skin is colored, either in red, green, black or brown. Its hair can be short or long, and most commonly very untidy like thorns or spikes. A harpy, though human-sized, can fly very fast, and its common attack is scratching and stabbing using its talons.

Legendary: Gyaeghir the Black Wings

Marsh Folk

Level D (Freak of Nature – Physical)

Element: Water + Earth = Mud

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Bresconnor and some vast marshes in Aurelia


Half-man, half-frog. The ‘froggish’ parts: Head, face, hands and feet.

Partially intelligent, this monster can use weapons, mostly tridents and sais (trident-daggers). And it is also amphibious: it can breathe in the open and in the muddy, murky waters. Beware of its surprise attacks when you cross the swamplands!


Level C (Freak of Nature – Physical, Intelligent)

Element: Water

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Bresconnor and some vast marshes in Aurelia


Half-man, half-crocodile. With a crocodile head and tail, a gavial poses greater danger and somewhat superior to marsh folk in term of intelligence, physical prowess and culture. It can talk like humans do (although in growls and simple language), have names for each other and can form tribes and build simple buildings. Maybe it still has traces of human intelligence when a legendary thaumaturgist created it and called it ‘her masterpiece’.

Legendary: Schkumann, the Gavial King

Uthul Frog (or Dragon Frog)

Level D (Freak of Nature – Physical, Poisonous) – Rare

Element : Water, Poison

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Bresconnor, Jigdha’uthul swamp


Uthul frog has fangs, thorns on its body and a lizard-like tail. Its saliva alone is corrosive venom that can dissolve its victim’s skin, flesh and bones in an instant, let alone its fangs and claws. Uthul frog’s gall is one of the most valuable ingredients in alchemy – it can serve as a very powerful poison, and can also be the antidote of that poison.


Level C (Magical Beast)

Element: Lightning

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Regia, especially Mount Hvalgarr


Cute monsters with four antennae that can function as hands, feet and weapons at the same time. They can produce lethal electric shocks generated with their antennae.


Level B (Magical Humanoid, Moderately Intelligent)

Element: Poison, Nature

Alignment: Neutral

Usually found in: Regia, especially Mount Hvalgarr, Borgia, Bresconnor, Arcadia


Man-spiders, combination of human head, hands and torso and spider torso and legs just like centaurs (man-horses).

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