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Thursday, June 21, 2007 Oh, To Be a Pirate (Part One)

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Yo, ho, ho!

Jolly looters we are

Bound to hunt and explore

Rum is our blood

Gold is our god

Yo, ho, ho!

All ships beware!

Jolly Roger’s in the air

Give us all you have

Maybe we’ll spare your life

Yo, ho, ho!

On the gallows’ end

We rest our heads

And the enemy’s blade

Finds home in our hearts

Until then,

We live a worldly joy

Yo, ho, ho!

And a bottle of rum

The Hymn of Buccaneering

  • A different version by an unknown pirate from Lore

who died shortly after singing this song from a rum overdose

Vochaux Harbor, midnight.

About five guards or more are patrolling near the three ships docked there. One of the guards stands leaning to his halberd*), obviously half-asleep. Then another soldier comes and slaps him on his back, saying,

Hey, Dirk! Keep your eyes open! If commander see you, you can kiss this year’s promotion good-bye! Or worse, back to Liszt Village fighting monsters and bandits there!’

(* Halberd = a medieval pole arm weapon with a spear-and-axe, spear-hook-and-axe or fleur-de-lis tip. It’s effective for stabbing, hooking and slashing, multi-purposed, widely used by soldiers (Halberdiers).

Okay, okay, Ruesl! I’m awake! I’m awake! Er... speaking of bandits, do you think Zachary and his accomplices will escape through here to the open seas?’ says Dirk with a yawn.

Most likely,’ says Ruesl. ‘That’s why they tripled the guard here. I also heard that someone helped Robert the Pope killer escape from the dungeons. Bishop Alastair was furious! He compelled the government and all city guards to capture Robert and his friends, dead or alive!

He even hired the best bounty hunters in Aurelia – Adler, Hernan and Eidos – to track and chase the fugitives down with the Skyship Aurora!’

What? Using that grand, mountain-blasting, godlike weapon to subdue a bunch of fugitives? Are you kidding me, man?’ says Dirk, shaking his head with disbelief.

You better believe it! Now they can’t hide anywhere anymore! Not even in the rat-infested sewers! Haha, they better hope they can fly or invisible, because... GGWUPPP!!!’

Suddenly someone muffles Ruesl and knocks him unconscious. Dirk reacts,

Hey! What do you thi... ARCK!’

A knock with the sword hilt makes Dirk lose his control upon his senses and fall, kissing the floor, unconscious too.

My method was faster and less of a hassle than you, Robert,’ says the man who knocked Dirk out. He is Zachary.

Robert answers, ‘Well, I acted as situation demanded it. I would use your method if that bloke was alone.’

Pressing no further into that matter, Zachary whispers. ‘So, which ship should we hijack, Rob?’

I preferred that sleek, fast Caravel*). But Sheena insisted on that big Carrack*), the Le Partizane, and I’m sure she knows what she’s doing.’

(* Caravel, Carrack, Galleon, Man o’ War, Frigate = Types of ships in the Exploration Age in our world, but they were already invented in the Medieval Age in Eternia.

Soon Robert and Zach hear whistling voices from several points, signaling that the area is clear. Robert then also whistles in a different tune. A few seconds later, Sheena comes with Baxter, Ellephar and a number of rough-tough-looking men from every direction to join Robert and Zach.

As speed is a matter of life or death, they all move stealthily towards the Le Partizane by skiffs. They board the battleship, kill the guards on board, and soon all hands are standing by on their posts, ready to cast sail. They must move very quickly before the light from the lighthouse falls upon them. Even instructions come in signals and hand waves. Fortunately, most of the crews Sheena recruited are experienced seamen, so no trouble happens there.

Sheen a then raises and crosses her scimitars overhead as the signal to set sail. The ship moves slowly out from the harbor. As the sails go up, Sheena gets an idea and shouts her next instruction:

Gunners! Move to your positions and sink that ship next to us!’

Sheena points at the caravel at the starboard side as there is no ship at the port, bow and stern. Some of the crews move into the cannon compartments quickly, load the cannonballs into the cannons and wait for the signal to attack. When all are ready, Sheena shouts loudly so all crews can hear her, ‘FIRE!’

Soon enough, the cannons are blasting. All five cannonballs fired pierce into the hull of the caravel, sending it sinking bit by bit. However, the cannon blasts caused so much noise that alerted the guards on the harbor and in the lighthouse. The alarm horns blare.

It takes no time for the guards to realize what happened, but it’s still too late. They can’t catch up with the Le Partizane even with the Caravel battleship intact.

Back on the ship, Sheena Mekh’ta stands firmly, staring towards the horizon with satisfaction on her face.

Ah, finally... I’m a corsair again, and this ship made me complete. I guess that’s what ‘cunning’ is all about. If you can’t buy a ship, just steal it. If a man’s bounty can’t buy you a ship, use that man to steal a ship for you. If one door is closed, the others are open for you.

But still, I need to be very cautious. That Robert is not comfortable being a pirate, I can tell. I know I can’t keep him forever, but as he is an idealistic yet resourceful hunter, he won’t betray me. And that Zach fellow... I think he’s more than just a spy. I can trust him as well, but he will follow Robert.

So, I’d better stay in their good side and use them as long as I can. By Khalik Al-Kalam*), I’ll see it to the end and come out glorious.

(* Khalik Al-Kalam = The Source, the One True God’s name in Meshallian.

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