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Friday, January 04, 2008

=AQ= The Tower of Xyphos!

> Log in to AQ this week to and go to Dragonclaw Island to search a
> mysterious tower for a powerful mystical object!
> --Quest at Jagged Peaks to find the new Tenderizer weapons!
> --Get the new Reindragon mount armor and ebil teddy bear Stitches pet in
> Valenia's Z-Token shop!
> --Your Frostval Gift Boxes have opened! Log in today and see what was in
> them if you haven't already!
> --Find a special new Frostvale Stone Cottage in the House shop!
> Log in at

now and read on for more!
> ::: THIS WEEK'S NEWS :::
> On Dragonclaw Island, the archmage Beleqwaya needs your help to collect
> the proper ingredients for a powerful spell. The most important of these
> is a mystical Sphere, hidden somewhere in a deadly cloud of red fog.
> Within the fog is a tower, and a deadly force awaits to protect the
> Sphere! If you are Level 50 plus, take this new quest and see if you can
> survive! Get to Dragonclaw Island using the Travel map.
> If you got the Frostval Gift Boxes during December, log in today and see
> what was inside them-- they opened on New Year's Eve! If you missed out
> on the Gift Boxes this year, don't worry-- NEXT Frostval you too will be
> able to get new gift boxes! And there are several other holidays between
> now and then that offer unique rares, like SnuggleFest in February!
> Search Jagged Peaks on the Travel map for a new weapon called the
> Tenderizer! Used by the Butcher's Guild to cut, tenderize, and even cook
> their meat, this is an all-in-one tool-- er, weapon- that you shouldn't
> miss! The Tenderizer will replace the Bloodsail Axes, which will become
> rares.
> Talk to Nimrod as soon as you enter the Guardian Tower to take on a new
> monster challenge! Battle new enemies (including the Snout and the
> Horseman!) of increasing power to unlock several reward items.
> Z-TOKEN UPDATE: New Armor and Pet!
> The powerful new ReinDragon mount armor and Stitches pet have arrived in
> Valencia's Z-Token shop! Find Valencia in front of the town Inn. Special
> elite items are available using Z-Tokens. Find a complete listing here:
> If you have an active website that gets a lot of visitors, you should
> check out our new affiliate program. Artix Entertainment offers
> constantly updated and fun online gaming that your visitors might enjoy!
> Find these new spells in the Guardian Tower shop! Rain a massive column of
> fire down on monsters!
> Here are 2 links for you, and some of the most important things a Guardian
> upgrade will get your character:
> * The elite Guardian Armor and Guardian Blade! The Guardian armor has
> solid defenses and a 3-hit attack (the second and third hits unlock at
> levels 40 and up). The Guardian Blade can summon the powerful Guardian
> Dragon to blast your enemies with Element X damage!
> * Full access to ALL towns and quests: places like Lolosia, Granemor, and
> all the quests to the East and South, PLUS special minigames and quests
> within Isle d'Oriens. You'll find awesome stories, the most powerful
> monsters, reward items, and new characters!
> * The Guardian Tower! Inside the tower you will find a special shop full
> of awesome items, an armory, stables where you can take out a mounted
> armor (unicorn, nightmare, winged horse), a teleporter room that can send
> you to different quests, and the Guardian Arena, where you can fight
> through 10 big levels to get the title of Champion!
> Valencia in town and she has brought with her a hoard of new special
> items, that can only be bought using Z-Tokens! Take a look at what
> Z-Tokens can get you:

You now
> have a chance to get Z-Tokens by using the Battle Monsters button in town,
> or you can buy them in bundles here:
> Http://
> Coming soon: The Order Returns -- Assassin Class -- Martial Artist
> Class -- and more!
> AQ gets bigger and more exciting all the time, as new events, quests
> and items are added each week.
> Battle on!
> Galanoth & the AQ Team

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