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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Survival of the Swiftest - Part Two

Then the second volley comes. They put their attention towards the projectile rain when more shadows come rapidly from both sides of the ravine. Apparently, they dive from the top of the ravine and swings down to add to the elements of speed and surprise.
As result, the travelers are not surprised, but shocked! Ambushed from three ways at the same time, they face certain death.
The dark elves’ ambush is three times as dangerous as Kyflynn’s, but the team quickly moves into a cross formation, as experience has taught them. This formation works every time, ever since their hunts together to fighting a horde of skeletons and zombies in Mount Hvalgarr. They don’t know if it works against the assassins, but this is their best bet and the clever Rael agrees with that.
Robert repels the assassins from the front and Chris from the rear. Carolyn and Andreas repel the projectiles with their staves, while Iris and Rael’charon shoot throwing knives and arrows to the sky. The flying assassins are surprised of this counter attack – with the speed matches their own. Some of them barely evade or block the shots, but one knife goes right into a dark elf’s cranium and one arrow tears another elf’s wing. Both of them fall, crashing into the ravine walls.
Seeing the loss of their two comrades, the winged ark elves fold their wings and launch a dive attack.
‘WATCH OUT!’ Carolyn shrieks.
As the dark elves go nearer to the ground, they spread their wings again and thrusts with their blades attached on their hands. Their targets on the ground duck or move aside to evade that. An elf tears Carolyn’s robe on the back and wounds her skin-deep.
Rael’charon also gets a graze on his left sleeve, and he realizes something. The dark elves’ daggers can penetrate the force field! Although the wounds inflicted are greatly reduced, they are still deeper than by ordinary weapons.
Andreas quickly mends Carol’s wound with Vitali spell, and the others fight the assassins on the ground while anticipating more attacks from the gliders above.
Robert is still concentrating on the enemies in front of him. Stabs and slashes come like rain. Robert blocks the blows to his head and let his Elven Cuirass (elf-made armor) absorb the rest.
However, the elves aren’t seemed to get tired. Their blows go quicker, and their movements go more complicated. They climb cliff walls to the top without ropes; do somersaults, back flips and such with similar flexibility to Kyflynn the Windwalker.
So, Robert grits his teeth and unleashes his counter strike, Black Dragon Soulstealer. His speed increases, and he moves like a shadow among shadows, wind against wind.
Three assassins stop midway after Robert’s shadow clashed with them, and then they fall, lifeless. Robert ends his move, standing to face the enemies. The black fire aura covering him and his sword turns to dazzling gold. He’s going to unleash another move...
Cristophe, on the other hand, tries very hard to defend himself. Being relatively ‘impregnable’ because of his full armor and shield, he can’t move very fast. His Three-Point Chain Slash misses, so does his Ten-Point Chain Slash. Although the stabs can’t hurt him, but the pain of absorbing so much of them on his armor becomes unbearable. At that point, Chris gathers up his light aura and spins in place with his sword and shield. The skill knocks one elf away and cuts into another elf’s foot. Then he moves forward and still spinning! This variant decapitates one elf who moves too close and obviously underestimated Chris, giving him the lesson he brings along to hell.
Well, one is better than none, Chris thinks.
But suddenly, a pain like no other comes from his back!
Someone actually stabbed him through his armor and Omnigalatr force field!
‘Gyaargh!!’ Chris screams, and falls to the ground.
Hearing that, Iris gets shocked and swiftly comes to Chris’ aid. She also screams on seeing Chris on the ground with blood flooding out from his back.
Then comes a whistle, and the assassins stop their attack. Rael’charon and friends have grazes and scratches all over their bodies. If not because of their auras and Omnigalatr protection field, they must’ve already dead. Andreas rushes to Chris’ side and tries Viavitali (Great Healing Spell) on his wound before it’s too late. Luckily, it’s only a flesh wound and no part of it is rotting.

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