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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Neopets' Navigation Guide!

You should visit these Neopets Pages daily to get FREE daily bonuses!
Advent Calendar
Bank Interest
Coltzan's Shrine
Council Chamber
Daily Puzzle (Guide)
Deserted Tomb
Faerie Crossword Puzzle (Guide)
Fruit Machine
Giant Jelly
Giant Omelette
Grumpy Old King
Guess the Marrow
Healing Springs
Lab Ray
Lunar Temple (Guide)
Meridell Rubbish Dump
Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ
Monthly Freebies
Money Tree
Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe
New Features
Petpet Lab Ray
Potato Counter
Qasalan Expellibox
Shop of Offers
Shop Till
Skittles Mystery Tent
Snowager (6am-7am, 2pm-3pm, 10pm-11pm NST)
Soup Kitchen
Stock Market Portfolio
Symol Hole
Wise Old King
Wheel of Slime
Underwater Fishing

Daily Neopets Clicks:



Grab some Free Omelette (one per day)
Neopets Fruit Machine Free Spin (one per day)
Get a Free Tiki Tack Tombola Ticket (one per day)
Grab some Free Jelly from the Giant Jelly* (one per day)

Try the Daily Puzzle (once per day) Guide

Test your Lunar Temple skills (once per day) Guide 1 Guide 2

Sponsor clicks for Secret Neopoints

Spin the Wheel of Slime and win Neopoints (every 8 hours)

Low in neopoints? Get free food at The Soup Kitchen
Get NP and gifts with Freebies For You (once per month)
Scare a Slorg to get NP in the Shop Of Offers (once per day)

Get a Free Christmas Gift (once per day during December)


Read the New Features (every day)
Check out Today's Weather (every day)
Check out your Item Event Log FAQ

Collect daily interest in your National Neopian Bank account

Check your Stock Market Portfolio and Bargain Stocks
Check out dark_shadow202020's Stock Market Guide.

Heal your pets in Healing Springs (every 30 minutes)
Approach Coltzan's Shrine (every 12 hours?) Stats Project

Contemplate the daily Neopian Haiku
Have your daily fortune told by The Mystery Island Mystic

Cheer up Grumpy Old King Skarl (twice per day)
Share wisdom with Wise Old King Hagan (once per day)

Need more NP ? Try garmfay's Miscellaneous Links.
Click here to check garmfay's Avatar Guide.

(visit the source site for more guides)

Playing Neopets (Virtual Online Pet Games) lately?
For more information, visit
And don't forget to visit rostaman and his pet avracense and acavela along the way!

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