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Monday, March 03, 2008 The Sacred Heritage - Part Two

Three days later, the morbit (were-rabbit) priest Bernides presents his report to the Emperor.
‘Not many came, Your Majesty, only six are chosen. Apparently, hunters and heroes alike saw no profit in this enterprise and declined the invitation. Unlike the Deathblade, wearer of the Arsenal of Light carry the burden to fight evil and curse of being the primary target of the dark forces – plus the obligation to return them when his mission is accomplished. Only the strongest fighters dare to challenge the tradition of Paladins in Deveraux family.’
‘Really? Pray tell me, who are the six candidates?’ says the Emperor, curious.
‘Your nephew Carolyn, Lavennia Iris the Elf Archer, Father Andreas Marvellini, Lord Adler von Bachmann, Don Hernan Parvaez and the Chronomage, Eidos Crydias.’
‘The Champions of Enia’s Sanctum, how fitting. With Alexis and Cristophe, that makes eight. Very well, then. Heralds! Summon the champions now!’
The heralds do what they were told, and the eight champions immediately come into the throne hall, kneeling before the Emperor in two neat rows. Sage gets up from his throne, raises his royal scepter high and speaks loudly.
‘Champions of the Light! Now it’s time to reclaim Vadis’ Sacred Heritage, the Arsenal of Light! You know the burden you’ll about to bear, but you came anyway. That’s the making of a true champion, and hopefully, a true Heir of Vadis!
So, will you swear to use the weapons for righteousness as shown by the Right Way? And to return them to their safe keeping once you vanquish the Great Evil?’
The eight champions answer all at once, ‘We swear, by Vadis!’
‘Then go forth and bring light into this world. May Vadis smile upon you.’
‘And upon you too,’ say the eight.

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