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Sunday, March 16, 2008 City of Angels Part One

The next day, Eidos Crydias’ great airship Aurora sets off from Myrcalia and flies towards the East. It is big and bulky, yet it has a slight resemblance to the Ancient Fire Dragon, Algaban.
This time, the airship has eight important passengers on board: Champions of the Light, contestants to claim Vadis’ Arsenal and becoming the Heir of Vadis. The set of weapon, armor and accessories is kept in five different places in Regia Confederation. And now, the Champions set out to meet the Keeper, Vadis’ Viceroy in Terra Eternia, Lord of Yvais, Grand Marshal of the Heavenly Angels: The Archangel, Avariel Swordsinger.
Thanks to its speed, the airship reaches one of the kingdoms in Regia Confederation, Ashtri. The mountainous and sandy terrain there serves as a natural barrier against the Dark Forces from Sylvania.
And right in the center of the longest mountain range there floats Yvais, the City in the Sky. It was built on a floating island in the middle of a circling mountain range and serves as the frontier defense, keeping the Sylvanians at bay. Angels, seraphs and cherubs reside there, though their numbers are only one-thirds of the natives of Yvais, the half-angels, the aelis*) and the divis*).

(* Aelis and divis are half-angels, the assimilation between angels and humans. Aelis are winged people with superior speed, divine aura and fighting power, mainly serve as soldiers and mages. Divis are wingless half-angels, compensated with superior physical strength and/or intelligence, mainly serve as workers, scholars and artists. The divis also have beautiful, angelic voices. Singular names for male/female are: aelio/aelia and divo/diva.

‘This is about the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life!’ Cristophe exclaims as he sees Yvais from the afar. ‘Just look at it! The whole city is built with crystal. Its high towers and buildings are unique in structure and design, like out of this world! Architecturally impossible!’
Andreas adds, ‘Of course, they must build their buildings symmetrically to keep the city floating, maintaining its balance. One more thing, the citizens are also able to live independently by their own resources. They are all vegetarians, and even their wheat is tastier than any meat.’
Iris adds, ‘I bet Ariel will turn vegetarian once he tastes their food.’
Ariel (Iris keeps calling Chris that) laughs, ‘Bet on, sugar plum. Back home, we don’t have Yvaisi food, and nothing, I mean nothing is tastier than a big slice of beef steak. Yum, yum!’
‘Keep eating steak and Iris’ darling Ariel will swell into a cow!’ says Carolyn in the midst of her giggle. ‘Alright, guys! Let’s get serious now. We’re about to land.’
The other group: Alexis, Adler, Eidos and Hernan are serious all the time. They spent their time in the war room, conferring strategy and how they can work together as allies as well as competitors. They end their discussion just as a steward announces,
‘We are about to land in Yvais. Estimated time of arrival, twenty minutes. Passengers please prepare.’

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