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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lores of Magic

Lores of Magic and Types of Mages
A Summary for FireHeart Saga Project

GeomancerSpecializes in earth magic, shaping, digging and manipulating earth and sand
DracomancerMorphing ino a dragon, communicating and have dragon-like abilities
AquamancerSpecializes in water magic, manipulating and creating water
NecromancerSpecializes in black magic and manipulating the dead (undead)
AeromancerSpecializes in flying and air magic
PyromancerSpecializes in fire magic
MorphomancerShape-shifter, a mage who can turn into people/animals
VoltamancerSpecializes in lightning magic
PsychomancerManipulating the mind, including hypnotism (Hypnomancy)
DivinomancerSpecializes in holy magic, reviving the dead, healing, strengthening, protecting
ChronomancerChronomage, manipulating time & space
BovinomancerTurning self/other people to cattle (cow, goat or sheep)
ThaumancerSpecializes in Thaumaturgy, creating mutants, monsters, and assimilations from living beings (Thaumaturgist)
LycanomancerTransforming into a wolf/werewolf at will - a rare ability
TauromancerTransforming into buffalo/minotaur
ScorpiomancerTurn into a werescorpion and/or having poisonous nails
MermancerMorph into a merman/mermaid and back, or ability to breathe underwater
XenomancerMorph into a metal golem (gold/silver/titanium/steel etc)
GigantomancerTurn self into giant-size and back
HobbomancerTurn self into lilliput-size and back
DoppelmancerLike Doppelganger, a magewho can turn into someone's exact double by touching/having a sample of that person's DNA
RunemancerDeciphering runes and finding magical words to trigger spells more effectively. i.e An Vyr'me Fyasch to Pyroagnios
ArachnomancerTurning self into a giant spider or controlling spiders
ViperomancerTalking with snake, controlling snakes or transforming into a snake
InsectomancerControlling insects and uses them as army/weapon
NaturomancerSpecializes in nature magic, can manipulate elements and living beings

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