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Monday, November 24, 2008

Maven - Overview


By Andry Chang (

The story is about a great heroine who lived before the time of FireHeart Era (FireHeart Saga) in the re-usable, complete world of Terra Eternia (see website for details). She didn't have to go to wars, in contact with any royalty, great power or authority. Her bravery, grit, common sense and sharp-shooting skill settled the dispute of love between her and his friends and prevented a great evil from re-emerging into this peaceful world. Was Maven that heroine?

List of Main Cast:

1. Maven: A young, pretty, brunette girl with mediocre fighting skills. She had one gift, though: Every time she sho something, she can’t miss, even if she wanted to. A bit reckless and loud, she never wanted to harm anybody – she just wanted to get some sustenance for herself by being a thief.

2. Reyl: A young man of 19, he was a novice swordsman and a merchant. He was naive and trusting, therefore frequently tricked. Being so, he deposited emotional hatred and it would explode into anger and on the extreme, he might go berserk.

3. Olivia: A very beautiful blonde girl with a great skill in magicks. She was the best graduate in Valanis and a quite powerful ice sorceress. A nice, perfect girl on the surface, she did have her shortcomings: possessive, control freak, and had symptoms of being ambitious.

4. Jarvis: A young cleric/acolyte in Redne, Arcadia, who actually didn’t want to live in chastity in the temple. He actually enjoyed adventure and challenge, anything to get out from the boredom of doing the same things again and again. Jarvis liked Maven’s cheerful nature and soon realized that he liked Marven. Marven actually liked another man, and that made Jarvis a bit jealous. He was quite skilled with spears, plus basic healing & protection spells.

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