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Monday, November 24, 2008

Maven - Synopsis Chapter 2: Escudo Rosario

Chapter Two: Escudo Rosario

Back to her former life as a thief, Maven couldn’t forget about Reyl and it bothered her job performance greatly. Nevertheless, the thief guild she was in, the Chrylidan gave her a big job: to steal the Jeweled Escudo Rosario from the catacombs beneath the cathedral in Redne City, Arcadia Empire.

After scouring the catacombs that was actually a labyrinth full of trap chambers and mutant monsters like giant rats and giant bats and reached the hidden chamber (with the “ankh” crest on it) with the Rosario inside , Maven was caught red-handed by a young acolyte named Jarvis de Larchmere. Jarvis was quite good with his spear and defeated Maven who has ran out of arrows and only fighting with her daggers.

Menu Choice:

Maven must say the WHOLE truth so (Jump warning) Jarvis warned her that her employer would kill her instead of paying her for that priceless Rosario. If not, just skip this part and straight to the scene where Maven returned to the Chrylidan Headquarters. (Jump rogue)

Maven didn’t believe Jarvis and surprisingly, Jarvis let her “borrow” the Rosario, with a bet that if the employer played safe, the Rosario was hers. A foul play from the employer, and Maven was on her own.

Label: rogue

Predictably, when Maven returned to the thieves’ guild headquarters, the rogues attacked her. She defeated two of seven, but the rest overpowered her. Jarvis rescued her before the rogues raped and then killed her, and with the two working together, no one can stop them.

Menu Choice:

A) Keep on Fighting: More rogues came into the room, and as there were too many of them to handle, Maven and Jarvis’ journey must continue in the afterlife (GAME OVER) - Return

B) Run for your lives!: Maven knew the way through the back door, and the two finally escaped from the rogues. You might want to add another plot branch of the Chrylidan Boss confronted Maven & Jarvis, but we best continue the main branch first. – Jump fakerosario

Label: fakerosario

Once they were safe outside and far away, Jarvis told Maven that the Escudo Rosario was a fake. The real one was teleported by magic not so long ago to Basilica Vadisium (center of the Vadis Religion), Ascension City, Papal of Valanis.

To avoid revenge from the surviving gang members, Jarvis decided to leave town and travel with Maven. He obviously had his eyes on her. Noticing this, Maven frankly told Jarvis that she was longing for Reyl, although he already had Olivia as girlfriend. Jarvis said that they should go to Handelburg just to see whether Reyl is OK & happy, thus made Maven see the light and choose Jarvis instead.

As they arrived in Handelburg, the guild informed them that Olivia and Reyl were hunting in Karlsbard Caverns in Grad Mountain Range, so the couple must go south.

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